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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Everything Sprouts In Spring!

Gardening fan? Well, we are! And we're here to offer some tips on this 2016 gardening season.

The weather is just right, and the flowers are all going to be in full bloom soon. But are you ready for the season to go into full swing? If not, follow these tips to get you and your garden ready:

1) Get gardening gloves that really work and keep your hands safe! Especially when working with sharp plants like rose stems or cactuses.

2.) Get a Gardening Tool Bag Kit, and make sure to have all your tools organized and ready to go!

3.) Get the right seeds to fulfill what you want in your yard!

4.) Get a visor or sun umbrella to protect yourself while gardening. You can also put on some sunscreen if you think it is necessary.

5.) Wear protective goggles or glasses if working with dangerous plants. This is not necessary, but it is also important to add to the list, just in case!

Follow these tips and your gardening experience will be top notch!

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