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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just the Basics from 4AllPromos

Sometimes it's the little and the simple things in life that can make us happy, right? Sometimes there's nothing like new office supplies to make people smile. 4AllPromos has everything one needs to keep their office organized and productive. We can custom imprint promotional pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, padfolios, desk accessories and pretty much anything you might need to run a tight ship.

Customers also love office supplies. Offer patrons free pens, magnetic calendars, sticky notes and other small accessories to say thank you for their business.

Small and essential office supplies are affordable ways to advertise too. Pens and other writing utensils and sticky notes see their fair share of mileage.

Sometimes it's best to keep it simple and go back to the basics. Customers and your budget will love it.

For more office supplies from 4AllPromos visit our website.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Trend Alert: The Crossbody Strap

Convenience is key these days. There isn't enough time in the day, hands or reminders to help us do everything we have to do on a daily basis. 4AllPromos aims to simply things by making our products affordable and practical for every. We also try to stay on top of the latest trends and product news making headlines so we can keep an large inventory of promotional and custom imprinted products. 

What's the latest trend we've noticed? It seems like everyone is sporting the crossbody strap on their bags. The crossbody strap allows you to keep your hands free to you can carry other things, use your phone or keep on eye on your children. Many bags are even coming with detachable straps to give consumers the option of a tote or a crossbody bag. 

4AllPromos has several bags that feature the crossbody strap. Take a look at some of our favorites:

Messenger Style Convention Tote Bag- Great for tradeshows, conventions and outdoor events. This durable bag can keep your hands free and store everything from beverages to papers to groceries. 

Sling Crossbody Bag with Full Color- This messenger style bag is great for students and working professionals. Carry a tablet, laptop or paperwork in this lightweight bag. Available for full color imprint.

Tempo 100% Recycled PET Sling- This backpack is perfect for athletes and gym rats. The side pocket allows you to store a water bottle or sport bottle. The front zipper is great for small items such as an Mp3 player or keys. Embroider with your business logo. 

For more totes and crossbody bags from 4AllPromos visit our website

Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Study: Millennials Love Wine

Brookstone Neoprene Wine Caddy

A new study out by the Advertising Sales Institute (ASI) shows there has been a recent uptick in the sale of wine by millennial drinkers. Once thought of as the beverage of choice by baby boomers the wine demographic is shifting to a new, young and trendy consumer. While the new study doesn't reveal why more millenniums are switching over to wine and even taking up wine making themselves it certainly opens up the conversation for some fun and new marketing ideas to entice the younger clientele.

4AllPromos has a plethora of drinkware and drink related accessories for both wine and beer. From caddys, to wine openers, to gift sets there is something for everyone. Apparel for wine shops, vineyards and wineries are also a great idea as these can serve as advertising vessels thanks to loyal and supportive customers.

Reward repeat or special customers with custom imprinted drinkware, gift bags, coolers, picnic baskets and more from

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hot Topic: The Affordable Care Act

The new Affordable Care Act is on the mind of many Americans who do not have insurance. For those who don't know the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an act of legislation that requires all Americans to have health insurance. In essence the act is meant to provide lower health care costs to people who may to be able to get health coverage otherwise.

This new requirement is stirring up lots of questions from the consumer. It is important to disseminate answers and accurate information to our customer and clients about any changes this might bring about. Promotional and custom imprinted products from 4AllPromos are a great way to educate people about where to get the most accurate information and assistance when searching for health care.

The ACA is also an opportunity for businesses and organizations to remind customers about the importance of preventable care meaning how to live healthy lifestyles and reminders about when to get checkups and screenings. 4AllPromos has pedometers, tape measures, antibacterial lotion, stressballs, informational pamphlets and many more health care related products to remind people to keep healthy and visit their doctors regularly. Help promote the ACA to employees, customers and clients with custom imprinted, educational and useful products or materials.

For more information about 4AllPromos healthy products visit

Thursday, February 12, 2015

One product, two purposes from 4AllPromos

Many of us take breakfast and lunch on the go and it's hard to stay healthy while rushing off to work. 4AllPromos has a variety of mugs and to-go products that make it easy to bring healthy options with you wherever you go.

Our Aztec Soup Mug comes with a spoon and a handy holder for the spoon. This mug can be used for cereal, yogurt, soup or chili. Its microwave and freezer safe and perfect for a light snack or lunch.

It's a new year so it's a perfect time to start packing healthy choices for your work day. Visit our mugs and kitchen items section to view more two-in-one products from 

Monday, February 09, 2015

Products from 4AllPromos fit like a glove

It's important to protect all your extremities from the cold winter weather. 4AllPromos has everything from jackets to hats to gloves to help you stay warm and protect your noggins and digits from cold, snow, sleet and rain. Promotional gloves make great gifts, giveaways and incentives to customer and clients. 4AllPromos gloves can be custom imprinted and embroidered with logos, names, websites and more and in many different color and styles to fit your customers or employees needs.

Gloves are essential accessories for working outside, shoveling snow, clearing off your car, sledding and much, more. 4AllPromos gloves are functional, stylish and affordable. Here are some picks for some of our best gloves:

Touchscreen Gloves with Conductive Thread- Don't let being outside hamper your productivity. Our texting gloves allow you to communicate while staying warm!

Premium Gold Leather Gloves-3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulated winter gloves- For the plow driver, snowblower or shoveler these durable gloves are great for all kinds of hard winter work.

Reflective Safety Gloves- Stay safe will doing work outside all year long with these reflective safety gloves. 

Gray Eco Glove- Stay warm, stylish and earth conscious with these custom imprinted gloves. 

For more information on gloves and winter gear from 4AllPromos visit

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Product alert: Custom imprinted sweatshirts

What's better than a promotional t-shirt? A promotional sweatshirt. Sweatshirts make great mementos from special events, fundraisers, tourist spots, etc. 4AllPromos has dozens of customizable and sweatshirts, zip ups and fleece to keep you warm this winter and even this spring.

Imprint your school mascot, team name, hometown, store name or more on any of our sweatshirts. Customers love sporting apparel from their favorite restaurant or vacation getaway. Print up sweatshirts for the big game and help show team spirit. 

Need help creating a logo or look for a family reunion, fundraising event or tradeshow? Call 4AllPromos today to speak with one of our friendly product specialists. Our graphic designers can help you design the perfect look for your event!

Visit for more information. 

Monday, February 02, 2015

Celebrate February with 4AllPromos

We all might be feeling a winter slump but that's no reason not to find a reason to celebrate in February. 4AllPromos has promotional products, winter products, gourmet candy and treats, apparel and much, much more to make even the most mundane month a fun one. Let's not forget February is time for Valentine's Day and American Heart month.

Here is a list of some of the weekly observances in February in case you are looking for a special promotion or a new way to entice customers: (courtesy of

Don't forget to visit and visit all our categories to find the new and exciting products being added everyday.

*African Heritage & Health Week: 1-7
Burn Awareness Week: 1-7 Link 
 (First Full Week)
Boy Scout Anniversary Week: 1-7
Children's Authors & Illustrators Week: 1-7 (First Full Week)
International Coaching Week: 1-7
Just Say No to PowerPoint Week: 1-7
*Solo Diners Eat Out Weekend: 1-7
*Women's Heart Week: 1-7
National School Counseling Week: 2-6 Link
International Networking Week: 2-7
*Publicity for Profit Week: 2-8
*Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week: 7-14 Link
Dump Your Significant Jerk Week: 7-13 (Always Week Before Valentines Day)
*Have A Heart for A Chained Dog Week: 7-14  Link
*Risk Awareness Week: 7-14
International Hoof-Care Week: 7-14
*Love Makes the World Go Round; But, Laughter Keeps Us From Getting Dizzy Week: 8-14
Celebration of Love Week: 8-14 Link  (Second Full Week)
Children of Alcoholics Week: 8-14 Link (Second Full Week)
Jell-O Week: 8-14  (Second Full Week)
Freelance Writers Appreciation Week: 8-14  (Second Full Week)
National Secondhand Wardrobe Week: 8-14 Link (Second Full Week)
Random Acts of Kindness Week: 9-15  Link (Second Full Week)
*International Flirting Week: 9-15 (Week of Valentines Day)
International Friendship Week: 9-13 Link
Love a Mensch Week: 9-15
National Green Week: 9-15  Link
World AG Expo: 10-12
Great Backyard Bird Count: 13-16
American International Toy Fair: 14-15
*National Condom Week: 14-21 Link*National Nestbox Week: 14-21
*NCCDP Alzheimer's & Dementia Staff Education Week: 14-21
Brotherhood / Sisterhood Week: 15-21 (Always 3rd Week) Link
Build A Better Trade Show Image Week: 15-21 (3rd  Full Week)
Through With The Chew: 15-21  (3rd  Full Week) Link
National Date (fruit) Week: 15-22
National Pancake Week: 15-21 (Bisquick)
National Justice for Animals Week: 15-21 Link
The Simplot Games: 19-21 Link
American Birkenbreiner Race: 19-22
National Entrepreneurship Week: 21-28 Link
National Engineers Week: 22-28 (Week Incl. G.Washington's Birthday)
National FFA Week: 22-28 Link (Week of G.Washington's Birthday from Sat. to Sat)
Bird Health Awareness Week: 22-28 Link
National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: 22-28
National Invasive Species Awareness Week: 22-28 Link
National Conference on Education: 26-28
Texas Cowboy Poetry Week: 27-28