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Monday, September 29, 2014

Product Alert: Stadium cushions

Are your weekends spent cheering on your favorite fall athlete? Those bleacher seats can be terribly uncomfortable. That's why every fall spectator needs a custom imprinted stadium cushion from 4AllPromos.

Stadium cushions are a great solution to seating at many outdoor events. These plush seats make even the coldest and most uncomfortable outdoor seating venues much more comfortable.These seats are great for parents, fans and even athletes. They make great giveaways at big football games and other special outdoor events. Some of 4AllPromos cushions start at under $2 a piece!

For more on custom imprinted stadium cushions from 4AllPromos visit our stadium cushion section at

Looking for even better seating? 4AllPromos also sells foldable chairs and beach chairs all year round!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

4AllPromos helps you save money!

Let's face it-no one uses change anymore. Our pennies, quarters, dimes and nickels get thrown in junk drawers or collect at the bottom of our purses. The best way to collect all your spare change is to throw it in a good old fashioned piggy bank!

So not only does 4AllPromos offers affordable promotional and custom imprinted products we also offer practical products such as piggy banks-at our lowest price guarantee of course.

Teach your children about the value of a dollar. Schools, businesses and other organizations can use promotional piggy banks to help teach children about spending at  young age. Or keep a piggy bank at your desk at work for quick vending machine money or maybe even as a 'swear jar'.

4AllPromos piggy banks don't just come in the shape of pigs. They come a in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes including soccer balls, frogs, stars, hearts, houses and much, much more. Visit our piggy bank section on to view the variety.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Trend Alert: The Power of Pumpkin

Fall officially starts September 23rd but that hasn't stopped people from ushering in the cool season a tad bit early. Consumers are embracing the new season with pumpkin lattes, baked goods and many other cool weather pumpkin inspired treats.

Pumpkin flavored goodies are everyone and many major brands are making sure to include pumpkin spice into their fall flavor repertoire.While many cheered for joy others revolted at the early inclination of fall. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts rolled out their line of pumpkin coffee drinks and baked good in August.

Fall is full of fun outdoor activities. Many towns or organizations host outdoor harvest festivals celebrating fall favorites such as pumpkins, apples and corn. These crops can also help promote healthy eating.

Businesses and organizations can jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon with promotional pumpkin or fall themed promotional products from 4AllPromos. Entice your customers to go pumpkin or apple picking with custom imprinted tote bags or print healthy recipes on a calendar, mousepad or a pamphlet.

For more fun fall ideas visit

Friday, September 19, 2014

Celebrate Fall with 4AllPromos

It's always sad to see summer go; but if you've had enough of the warm temperatures the good news is Fall is on it's way. Fall is a festive time of year that many businesses, towns and organizations choose to celebrate with fairs, festivals and family activities.

4AllPromos has everything you need to make this Fall fun and festive for customers, clients, employees, students and families.

Whether you are promoting a harvest festival, a road race, a Halloween event or other exciting Fall events 4AllPromos has everything from apparel, to candy to bags, bumper stickers and more to help celebrate and promote this beautiful time of year. Sell promotional products at your event or give them away to new or potential customers.

Here are just a few of our favorite Fall treats:

  • Candy corn
  • Apple shaped products such as sticky notes, magnets, cookies cutters (great gifts for teachers)
  • Halloween trick-or-treating bags
  • Cool weather apparel such as sweatshirts, hats and gloves
  • Calendars to keep track of all your fun events
Visit for more Fall ideas. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Good News for Small Businesses

A new report out by the Advertising Specialty Institute says that small business borrowing is at an all time high. In fact, borrowing is the highest it's been in 7 years. These facts and figures show us that the U.S. economy is gaining confidence and small business owners are being trusted to help re-establish the American Main Street.

4AllPromos loves working with small businesses around the world-because we are one! We know affordable, quality and useful products can be successful modes of advertising and marketing a new and/or small business.

Just starting out? Call 1-866-732-3386 toll-free to talk to one of our friendly product specialists about products that can help customers and clients learn more about what you have to offer. All our promotional products can be custom imprinted to include logos, text and designs to help your business stand out among the others. Visit to choose from a large selection of apparel, office supplies, party favors, gourmet food and candy, trade show items and much, much more! 

Live the American Dream and make your small business idea a reality. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Save on Office Supplies from 4AllPromos

Do you run a small business a start-up or are you self-employed? 4AllPromos can help businesses stick to a budget with our affordable line of office supplies. Custom imprinted your logo, website or contact information on everything from pens to sticky notes to magnets.

Office supplies go a long way. Since they are so affordable they are easy to pass out to customers, potential customers and at trade shows or other events. Items like magnets, calendars and sticky notes get a lot of exposure since they are usually displayed in plan site. Other items like pens, desk displays or supplies, folders or notebooks get different exposure because they change hands and travel greater distances.

Studies have shown that promotional products help create repeat customers. By printed your contact info on a variety of supplies customers always have your services at their fingertips. Help show customers you care by selecting useful and creative custom imprinted products, office supplies, tradeshow giveaways or apparel from

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Stop Smoking with Help from 4AllPromos

One of the largest drugstores in America has ended the sale of tobacco products in all of it's stores effective October 1, a week earlier than previously announced. CVS has decided to no longer support the tobacco industry by selling smoking products in it's stores in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle among their customer base.

4AllPromos also promotes health and wellness with our products that range from pedometers to sport bottles to informational packets and brochures. Help customers, client or employees kick the nasty habit by custom imprinted smoking cessation products. These affordable giveaways can help educate people about the dangers of smoking or help them cope with the difficulties associated with the addiction.

Many workplaces are choosing to become tobacco free environments. Help smokers choose healthier habits like healthy snacks or exercise instead of lighting a cigarette or using chewing tobacco.

Here are some ideas for promotional products that can help educate people on the dangers of smoking or help them kick a bad habit and start up a healthy one!

Visit for more ideas on how you can inspire others to quit smoking and start living.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Custom Imprinted Fantasy Football Products from 4AllPromos

According to the Advertising Speciality Institute Fantasy Football is an $11 billion market. Around 35 million people in the United States play in a Fantasy Football league or two or three. So why are we telling you this? Fantasy Leagues need stuff-t-shirts, trophies, notebooks, bottle openers, coasters, pens, etc. 4AllPromos has everything football fans need to kick of the Fantasy Football season right.

Sports bars, restaurants and other sports related locations or organizations may want to gear up for football season too with special football themed swag. Starting friendly competition, trivia or other promotions especially with promotional product prizes can help drum up business.

4AllPromos can personalize a variety of products with names, logos and text. Our graphic designers can help you design the perfect shirt, hat, pint glass, pen, draft board or more! Receive a digital proof of your design before the order is placed.

Create team unity with 'uniforms' or friendly competition with a trophy or other prizes from 4AllPromos.

May the best team win!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Cotton Prices on the rebound!

It seems like just recently we were balking at the news that the price of cotton was about to rise. Now, a new story about by claims cotton prices are approaching all time low. Weather has returned to normal in many cotton-growing areas producing a stronger crop and a strong demand for cotton-based products.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute cotton prices are a five-year low. Prices have dropped from 90 cents a pound to 63 cents a pound since the beginning of 2014.

This is good news for cotton farms as well as consumers. Clothing prices may be slightly effected by this good news. The best news is businesses such as 4AllPromos will be able to sell premium cotton, custom imprinted or promotional t-shirts, hats and other apparel to our customers at our lowest price guarantee.

Visit our Apparel section to find some cool cotton products.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

4AllPromos Presents- Bags 101

We figured since we've been making mention of all the different kinds of bags we have available at we should probably explain what all the different and sometimes funny names mean.

Jute Bags- Jute is a vegetable fiber that is used to make several different materials including burlap. It is a durable material use to make many of 4AllPromos reusable shopping bags. It is a durable, strong and long lasting. It is also earth-friendly because it is biodegradable and recyclable.

Tote Bags- A tote bag is a more general term for a bag that has two parallel handles and does not fasten on the top. Although some of 4AllPromos tote bags do come with zippers if they contain insulated material to keep foods hot or cold.

Non-woven Bags- Non-woven fabric is comprised of long fibers creating a material similar to a cotton fabric. It is bonded together using a heat, chemical or mechanical treatment. Bags made of non-woven material are not designed to carry heavy items. Non-woven bags are ideal for goodie or gift bags for light items. These bags might not last as long as a jute bag because of the composition of the material.

Die Cut Bags- A die cut bag sounds more fierce than it actually is. It can be made from various materials but the thing that sets it apart from bags like the tote bag is the handle structure.
Rather than having handles attached at either site a die cut bag has a small cut-out on either side of the bag so that a customers hand can grip the bag. So the bag can essentially only be carried by hand and not over the should like a tote bag.

Visit the Bags & Totes section on the 4AllPromos website to learn more and find the perfect bag for you guests, customers or clients.