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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Benefits of 4AllPromos Stress Balls

Christmas is just a few days away; which means last minutes shopping are scrambling and stressing. We might be a little late on promoted stress balls for the holiday season but we think they make great January giveaways.

As tradeshows start to ramp up and health becomes a new years resolution for so many the stress ball is a great reminder to of just one of the ways to reduce stress and get healthy in the new year.

According to there are a lot of health benefits associated with using stress balls. The obvious benefit is stress and tension release. By squeezing the ball you are letting up pent up frustration and getting your blood pumping thus releasing endorphins. These balls can serve as great exercise mechanisms for stroke and arthritis patients. Stress balls have also been shown to help students to suffer from ADHD as they help them focus their nervous energy on an activity rather than acting out.

Stress balls are an affordable way to strike up a conversation with a customer or client at a tradeshow, health and wellness fair or other health related event. Help customers and clients destress and refocus their energy on making 2015 a great year.

4AllPromos stress balls come in all different shapes and sizes-there's sure to be one that fits the theme of your business or event. For more on 4AllPromos stress balls visit

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