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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

4AllPromos Presents- Bags 101

We figured since we've been making mention of all the different kinds of bags we have available at we should probably explain what all the different and sometimes funny names mean.

Jute Bags- Jute is a vegetable fiber that is used to make several different materials including burlap. It is a durable material use to make many of 4AllPromos reusable shopping bags. It is a durable, strong and long lasting. It is also earth-friendly because it is biodegradable and recyclable.

Tote Bags- A tote bag is a more general term for a bag that has two parallel handles and does not fasten on the top. Although some of 4AllPromos tote bags do come with zippers if they contain insulated material to keep foods hot or cold.

Non-woven Bags- Non-woven fabric is comprised of long fibers creating a material similar to a cotton fabric. It is bonded together using a heat, chemical or mechanical treatment. Bags made of non-woven material are not designed to carry heavy items. Non-woven bags are ideal for goodie or gift bags for light items. These bags might not last as long as a jute bag because of the composition of the material.

Die Cut Bags- A die cut bag sounds more fierce than it actually is. It can be made from various materials but the thing that sets it apart from bags like the tote bag is the handle structure.
Rather than having handles attached at either site a die cut bag has a small cut-out on either side of the bag so that a customers hand can grip the bag. So the bag can essentially only be carried by hand and not over the should like a tote bag.

Visit the Bags & Totes section on the 4AllPromos website to learn more and find the perfect bag for you guests, customers or clients.

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