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Monday, February 10, 2014

4AllPromos asks when is a good time to reach out to your customers?

We might not know what else this winter has in store for us but a recent article from the leading promotional products industry magazine, Counselor, suggest that snow days are a great time to reach out to customers and offer special promotions and flash sales to those who are hunkered down inside safe from the treacherous and chilly weather.

While weather can be a real set back for retail stores, distributors and employers it can be a great thing for customers. When snow and ice are in the forecast people are less likely to go out and get things done but many of them may opt to find what they need online.

There are 3 things a business can do to get the attention of customers during dangerous weather:

1. Check in to see how they are doing. Provide them with some kind of message about your services if they relate to weather management or even to remind them of services that can help them this time of year such as spa visits, property management, etc.

2. Provide them with what they need. Do you sell warm apparel, shovels, or do you provide snow management services? Offer a discount or bonus incentive to help initiate business.

3. Keep them updated. Are you having shipping issues or delivery problems because of the weather. Get the word out with social media or an e-mail campaign to help alleviate some of their worries.

Now is the time to stock up on weather related products from from snow scrapers to gloves to snowman kits we have great giveways to help get customers and clients through those difficult winter months.

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