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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sea World Says Goodbye to Plastic Bags

The campaign to eliminate plastic shopping bags has been going on for years now. Slowly but surely many big stores including some major grocery stores have decided to eliminate or charge for plastic bags and instead reward customers for using tote bags.

This week SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment announced they will phase out the use of plastic bags by the Spring of 2013. The company is putting this ban in effect at 10 of their locations across the United States. Instead the parks will offer paper bags made of recycled materials or guests can purchase reusable bags. The company hopes this movement will save close to 4 million plastic bags from being used.

4AllPromos loves tote bags, in fact, custom imprinted and recycled tote bags are our biggest selling item. Customers love reusable tote bags because they can be used over and over and for so many different things. Tote bags are great for giveaways and swag promotions. 4AllPromos offers dozens of different kinds of reusable tote bags including ones with zippers, insulation, pockets and more.

Offer your customer's buying incentives and discounts for using reusable tote bags and start a revolution in your community. Reusable tote bags area  must for keeping our earth green and prosperous. 4AllPromos supports businesses green efforts. Visit our tote bag and Earth-Friendly sections to view more recycled products.

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