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Monday, July 09, 2012

Summer DIY Tips from 4AllPromos

Who doesn't love a DIY tip, trick or project? It's always smart to use the resources you already have to help mend or improve what you're working with. Yes, 4AllPromos is in the promotional products business but we are always looking for important and valuable things to share with our customers.

Here are a few do-it-yourself or repurposing tricks to try this summer.

1. Plastics bags- Hopefully you are using reusable tote bags instead of plastic bags when you go out shopping. However, if you have some of those flimsy plastic bags still lying around the house try using them to pack items you are sending out through the post office or FedEx. Painting this summer? Use the plastic bags for paint clean up or to store your brushes. You can also clean up after your pets with plastic bags instead of buy bags at the store. There are a million things you can do with extra plastic bags!

2. Socks- Where does that other sock go after you put it in the dryer? If you have a bunch of mismatched socks lying around use them for dusting, making sock puppets with your kids, or even put them on your shoes when you're painting so you don't drip anything on your nice shoes!

3. Toothpaste- Did you know toothpaste does a lot more than prevent gingivitis and cavities? Use tooth paste to repair a scratched DVD, clean your iron, buff your headlights or even get pesky onion and garlic smells off your hands.

4. Coffee mugs- Who doesn't have a million cheesy coffee mugs they would love to get rid of. Use extra mugs to plant a small flower for your desk, create a custom candle or smash up all your mugs and make a mosaic.

5. Coffee- Sure coffee is good for a morning wake up but it can also be used to ward off bugs and keep your skin looking fresh. Dispose of coffee grounds outside to help repel fleas and ants. Or use coffee grounds to exfoliate your face, elbows or knees!

Share these tips with your customers and you are bound to come up with even more and more.

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