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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Disney Ditches Junk Food Commericals

Most kids grow up on Disney. The Disney brand is influential around the world and that is why in early June the empire announced it would be banning junk food commercials during it's programming. This decision makes Disney the first media outlet to institute such ban.

First Lady Michelle Obama toute Disney's efforts calling it a 'game changer' according to an article in Time magazine. Mrs. Obama has made it her mission to get children moving and eating better around the nation. Childhood obesity numbers have risen dramatically over the past decade as a result of video games, fast food and busy parents and lifestyles.

This ban brings up a big question in the advertising world- is there anywhere you wouldn't advertise? Or is there any other brand you wouldn't want your business or non-profit to be associated with?

So often small business owners and start-ups are encourage to form partnerships with other agencies and causes to help bolster their customer base. Teaming up with a non-profit can help promote both an important cause and a useful business. But where do you draw the line? Childhood obesity has become quite the epidemic and it's important for influential businesses and organizations to help raise awareness about issues and causes that are important to today's society.

4AllPromos would like to tout Disney's efforts to combat childhood obesity. One of our biggest clients base is the non-profit sector and we have plenty of promotional products to help get the word out about important issues and causes.

How can you help clients and customers get healthy? Custom imprint a pedometer, tape measure, t-shirt or sports bottle to help keep them motivated.

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