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Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl does Social Media

Do you watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials? I'll admit it I am, especially this year, because I am a Patriots fan.

This year the commercials are already starting to get buzz, not for their funny punchlines, but for their social networking marketing techniques. Many companies know by now that social media is the fastest growing marketing platform today. You have to be everywhere these days.

Several large companies are giving viewers a sneak peek of their commercials with teases online or sweepstakes that build up to the big day.

For example:

*Mercedes-Benz, is running a duel campaign hyping things on the web with a promotional race which challenges teams of fans and celebrities to accumulate followers on Twitter (being coined as Tweet Fuel) and pass a series of social media tests for a chance to win a C-Class Coupe. This is the first time the luxury car company has advertised during the Super Bowl.

*M&M's, are running Facebook ads touting their line of football themed paraphernalia. There Facebook Ads take you right to a page for their e-commerce site which lets fans customize their candies with their favorite team colors and logos.

*Bud Light is a Super Bowl favorite. They've done a great job with funny animals, catchy sayings and hilarious scenarios. Their commercials often dominate the airwaves during the Super Bowl. This year they have asked Facebookers to guess the story-lines of their 3 Super Bowl commercials. Fans can use an app called 'Unlock the Spot' to guess whats next and if they are right they unlock a 1-minute, 30 second clip of the commercial exclusively to their Facebook fans. The big time beer retailer is also teasing an 18-second clip called 'Office Bike-a-Thon' on their page.

Using both the web and television to generate buzz helps attract a diverse audience. It also attract a strong following. Creative sweepstakes or contests will speak for themselves and catch quickly especially if the prize is worth while.

Have you tied in marketing to your social network platforms? 4AllPromos discounts customers who follow us on Twitter and 'Like' us on Facebook. Oftentimes, we wave a set-up fee for these customers or offer them bonus products. Also, several times a week we post our 'Hot Weekly Specials' to these sites. We hope our customers share these specials with their friends and word of our more than 15,000 promotional products catches on.

Share your ideas with us!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Special gifts for special occasions

There are  many different ways to commemorate some of the most important events in your life from photos and scrapbooks to videos or personalized gifts. Custom imprinted items are a great way to mark that special milestone in your life.

Although you might not be able to think about it now with all this snow coming down around the country Spring is just around the corner. Spring is often the time to celebrate important events such as Proms, or school formals, wedding and maybe even a Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Custom imprinted products such as glasses, water bottles, drawstring backpacks, pens or even watches are great gifts that will last a lifetime. Guests will always remember your special day everytime they use your gift.

Need gift ideas for your special day? We'll start a list for you.

Proms/formals- Glasses, custom imprinted chocolate,  tote bags or picture frames.

Bar/Bat Mizvahs- balloons, pens, foam fingers, watches, fun hats, beach balls, t-shirts, stuffed animals or sunglasses.

Weddings- wine glasses or shot glasses, custom imprinted chocolates, pens or picture frames.

Not sure which item is right for your event? Our knowledgeble product specialists are here to help. Give us a call today and start planning your special event.

Call us today, 1-866-732-3386.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apples to Amazon

Do you loathe grocery shopping? It takes the average person 1 to 2 hours to complete their shopping not factoring in the Sunday morning rush at most grocers. What if you could have some of those essential items delivered to your home at the same time each week? You could even throw in a DVD, a book or pretty much anything else your little heart desires (with some exceptions). This dream could come true thanks to Amazon.

Rumor has it the online superstore is set to launch Amazon Tote, an online grocery and 'stuff' delivery service. The deal is you can order most grocery essentials and any other items that weigh 50 pounds or less for immediate and/or habitual delivery.

Currently, the offer is being tested in Washington state. Presently, Amazon offers Amazon Fresh, a service that provides fresh produce and other groceries to shoppers at home, similar to the Northeast version of Peapod.

By offering grocery services, Amazon hopes to boost user frequency. The site can become a 'one-stop-shop' for everything from groceries to gifts. Amazon's sophisticated user tracking system already offers up suggestions and deals based on past purchases to help boost sales and user activity.

Sounds easy enough, right? Some argue that some items will be sold at too high of a premium but other suggest thats what you get when you are saving time and getting convenience.

It's unclear when the service could go nationwide, however, the internet is buzzing about the possibilities. The service is great for city dwellers, busy moms, people with disabilities and pretty much any other American who is too busy to make it to the store.

Weigh in on the topic on our blog. Leave a comment and let us know if you're interested in Amazon's offer. Can you fit your groceries into a 50 pound tote?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Favors for February

Whether you love or hate February for it's obvious holiday there's no question you will be bombarded with pink and red for at least the first half of the month.

Advertisers go all out for Valentine's Day. The average person spends about $128 on the holiday. Ouch-love hurts!

Not sure how to budget your Valentine's Day this year? Let 4AllPromos help. Each month on the 4AllPromos   Facebook page we like to feature about 20 items in a gallery. The albums allow us to showcase a small cluster of some of 15,000 products available through our website. Each month's gallery carries somewhat of a theme. February of course features all kinds of heart-shaped or related products.

This month we posted the gallery early so that businesses can scope out what we have to offer for the 'holiday.' February isn't just about chocolate and romance; organizations can also use the gallery for ideas for American Heart Month. We offer informational packets, pedometers, heart-shaped stress balls and other healthy options for helping customers or clients. Promote heart health with sticky notes, press-n-stick calendars or fans.

Looking to send some love to your customers. Try some of our custom imprinted conversation hearts, mints or chocolates. Some our chocolates come in reusable heart-shaped tins. Get creative with fortune cookies, tote bags or adorable stuffed animals.

Did you know that red is the number one color used by advertisers? According to the color red signifies power and energy and evokes feelings of passion, desire and of course love. So, red or even heart shaped products can be effective marketing tools.

Give us a call or Tweet us with questions about our line of heart-themed promotional products! They are affordable and make great promotional products.  Call 866-732-3386 today!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

And you thought Groupon was king? Yesterday, the discount site gave the online coupon giant a run for their money when they featured their first-ever nationwide discount of $10 for a $20 Amazon gift card. The deal became the most successful one ever for the Washington D.C. based company. With 9 hours left the company had sold $1.1 million in Amazon vouchers. 

Social networks including Facebook and Twitter were aflutter with postings about the deal. Everyone want and most got a piece. Even celebrities got in on the promotion yesterday. Twitteratis including Snookie, Paris Hilton, Chris Brown, Kendra Wilkinson, and the Kardashians all gave a shout out to the site. 

LivingSocial regularly features vouchers to spas, restaurants, retail stores, museums and other local businesses to many of the same U.S. cities as Groupon as well as some in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Canada. 

Online retail giant has invested $175 million into the startup; but the payoff is yet to be determined. 

Do you belong to any of these sites? I subscribe to Groupon and LivingSocial and have yet to actually purchase a deal. Group sent me a $10 coupon on my next Groupon; which may entice me to go for a deal even if it is geographically undesirable. They have some branching out to do in the state of Connecticut. 

Although, the absolute monetary value is hard to generate at this point there is certainly a value in these kinds of discount vouchers. Chances are shoppers are going to spend an amount well over the gift card and they may even return if they are satisfied by their first purchase. How do business owners feel about these kinds of 'sales'? Are they risky or are they well worth it? Chime in!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Netflix knows

Chances are you or someone you know has Netflix. The movie rental giant has made it into all our our home via snail mail, computers and more recently our TV.

The online merchant offers thousands of movie titles to customers either by DVD or via an instant stream to your computer or television. However, recently the movie mogul has made ugly headlines between their battle with new releases and their struggle with HBO. Today the company is making even more negative headlines with a blog posting by their Director of Product Management, Jamie Odell, that explained in 109 words that the company would be eliminated the 'Add to DVD Queue' from their streaming devices (i.e. TV and smart phones). Now, customers who have the DVD and streaming package can only manage their streaming movies from their streaming devices.

Customers flew into a tizzy over this announcement, blogging, Tweeting and posting angry messages on the Netflix Facebook page. In the Fall Netflix unveiled their streaming services through several popular gaming devices including the Wii and Playstation 3. Experts hinted and Netflix didn't deny they are trying to step away from the mailing services. This will save the company big bucks not to mention many Americans have streaming capabilities in their homes already.

Direct mail is no doubt on the decline. Last year the United States Postal Service announced the idea of possibly eliminated a day of mail delivery during the week in an effort to cut costs. Other methods of customer interaction including mass e-mails, social networks and e-newsletters have increased significantly because of cost and audience potential.

What do you think, is Netflix making a good move? Although, it may not be the customers choice perhaps when they are left with no other choice they will succumb to the live stream feature only.

Do you continue to do direct mailing? Do customers seem to respond to them? At 4AllPromos we mail items including catalogs several times a year to our customers along with sending them e-mails and keeping in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

It's seem like business correspondence is in an in between state right now where you can still get away with reaching out on all platforms. Perhaps in the next 5 to 10 years this will all change.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Social Media Specials

Social media gargantuan's like Facebook and Twitter originally set out to be for people to communicate with people. However, the success of the instantaneous networking capabilities caught the eye of the business world.

Nowadays, most large business have made a name for themselves on the social networking scene. The platforms allow customers to personally interact with their favorite brands. Companies need to be consistent and creative with the content they post to their sites.

Some companies who have had great success with their 'Fan' (although this term has been retired in a sense I'm not sure what else to call them) pages on Facebook include Pringles, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Adidas and Red Bull. Most of these pages include exclusive content, contests, apps, video and back and forth conversation.

How many companies do you 'Like' on Facebook right now? What kinds of companies do you choose to like-ones that offer promotions, ones that you buy from often or ones you hear are good based on word of mouth?

We have Facebook and Twitter page too. This week we are bringing back of Deal of the Day in which we offer significant discounts off some of our most popular projects on Twitter. The deal of day today is 40 percent off the Large Custom Printed tote Bag. The deal expires at 3 p.m. Eastern time today. So snap this one up. You can never go wrong with a tote bag. They are great for groceries, moving, traveling, trade shows and the list goes on and on.

The Facebook Deal of the Week is also back. Each week we offer a special code to fans who 'Like' us on Facebook. A coupon with a special discount code will be posted to our wall. When you place your order make sure you give your sells rep the code for the special deduction. This week we are featuring $50 off your order of $250 or more.

Tell us what  you think of our deals and what you would like to see featured! 4AllPromos is always looking for ways to continue our quality customer service and help our customers get what they are looking for!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Sizing yourself up

Starbucks has been making headlines recently. First, on January 5th, they switched up their logo and ditched the words; which got a lukewarm response from customers. Now, they are introducing the Trenta, their new 31-ounce cup size exclusively for ice coffee, ice tea or lemonade; which may get better results from thirsty patrons. The 'Trenta' is 7 ounces larger than the 'Venti' which would consider the chain's largest size (Yes, SB has to be different with 31 ounces instead of your standard 32).

So, what's up with Starbucks image these days? The company just turned 40 so you could surmise it is having a kind of mid-life crisis or they are just trying to keep up with the competition.  Many coffee competitors offers much larger sizes of hot and cold beverages. In fact, the average American drinks up to the 3 cups of coffee a day. So, the Trenta looks like it will quench the thirst of many Americans.

It is important for brands to offer a variety of sizes to their customers. Various sizes allow the customer to pick and choose how much they want to consume and/or spend. On you will see that many of our products including travel mugs, calendars, tote bags, sticky notes  and apparel all come in wide range of sizes and colors to suit your professional needs. We always update our inventory to include the newest and most in demand products to our customers to make sure they are completely satisfied and so we stay competitive within the promotional products industry.

Starbucks continues to be a leader in the coffee industry by branching out and offering more caffeine options as well as different kinds of healthy food selections. As a result they also have managed to stay on top of their game in the business.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Souvenirs Sell

What's the one thing you always purchase when your on vacation? Perhaps you get a t-shirt, shot glass, key chain, coffee mug, or a picture frame. Some people collect these items from every place they visited. Collectible souvenirs make for a great business for hotels, resorts, restaurants, amusement parks and other tourist hot spots. The collectible and souvenir business brings in upwards of $17 billion a year.

If you're not selling souvenirs you might consider investing in some promotional goodies. Here are some predictions for what's big in the souvenir industry in 2011 according to the Advertising Specialty Institute.

Artsy Appeal: Not everyone likes to take home a generic t-shirt or mug. Souvenir sellers have to keep a competitive edge as the market grows. Tourist are always looking for unique items that are representative of their travels. What can you offer that no one else does?

A Squishy Situation: Let's face it one suitcase isn't always enough. As much as travelers want to shop sometimes space becomes an issue. Airlines are charging way to much for second bags these days. Tourists need souvenirs that are light and easy to transport. T-shirts and other wearables are easy to carry and also easy to cram into a suitcase.

A Plush Account: Every child loves a stuffed animal. They are cute and cuddly and can easily be personalized. The Build-A-Bear franchise has had great success with their personalized cuddly creatures. Stuffed animals can even come with their own souvenirs such as sunglass or t-shirts.

A Milestone Remembered: Whether it's first anniversary or a 100th anniversary there is always reason to celebrate a milestone. Make special souvenirs that commemorate a special year or event. Collectors will love the specialized swag.

Diners Dish-Up Collectibles: Tourists tend to splurge on some things more than others. Sometimes a cheap eat is all they want. Diners are scattered across America and they always offer a diverse and affordable menu.  These homestyle eateries may be some of the most memorable stops on ones journey so have fun with the souvenir items. Custom imprint catchy and humorous slogans, sell colorful or wacky accessories and have fun with your offerings. Who knows in what part of the country your items will land. Some people may be willing to travel far and wide to check out your one of a kind spot.

Experts are touting 2011 as the year of the souvenir. London has been gearing up for week to prepare for the royal wedding. Souvenirs helps us savior those special times. We all have dozens lying around our homes that we can't bear to part with.

What are some of the most unique souvenirs you have ever collected? Show us on our Facebook page and inspire others to invest in eccentric gifts.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tricks of the Trade Show

The beginning of the year is a popular time for trade shows. Whether you are a new or growing business or a new product it's important to make a unique and lasting impression with consumers.

People visit trades hows hoping to find new and exciting opportunities but the 'swag' or free giveaways are certainly an added bonus.

We found a list of the 'Top 10 Promotional Items for Trade Shows.' What do you think of the list? Are these items you like to receive or would you rather see the more unique giveaways?

  1. T-shirts. Everyone loves a free t-shirt. Make sure you provide a variety of sizes so the customers can actually where one that fits. T-shirts serve as walking billboards for your business. Simply put your company logo or get creative with a funny saying or graphic that will spark conversation.
  2. Promotional pens. I don't know about you but I am always looking for something to write with. Promotional pens are a great trade show idea because consumers can use the pen to take notes on products or business they like as the travel by the various booths. 
  3. Mugs/travel mugs. As we've told you before more than half of Americans start their mornings with coffee. Mugs and travel mugs are always in demand especially for business people on the go. Get creative and offer up some fresh coffee at your booth so customers can try out their free gift.
  4. Key chains come in all shapes, color, sizes and materials these days and are an affordable way to promote your business. Key chains can be classy, high-tech, resourceful or just plain old fun!
  5. Bags. Tote bags are always useful. They make a great  giveaway at trade shows because visitors can use them to carry all their giveaways and information packets. Put a custom imprint of your brand on a earth-friendly bag; which are rapidly growing in popularity. 
  6. Golf accessories. This was a surprising one on the list. Golf is one of America's most popular games and many deals are made out on the green so I guess it makes sense to give out balls, tees and maybe even towels. 
  7. Food. Feed those curious trade show shoppers! Salty or sweet snacks always get the attention of passer-'buyers.' 
  8. Magnets. Give them an advertisement that will stick! These sticky promotions are slim and light and so they're easy to carry around at trade shows. 
  9. Desk items. We all spend way to much time at our desk but personal items always help our desk feel friendly and more inviting. Give away pen holders, organizers or fun magnetized games to help distract your customer. 
  10. Calendars are a great giveaway especially at the beginning of the year. hand out light weight plans or desk calendars to keep customers on schedule. 
No matter what  you giveaway make sure its' useful and unique to consumers. Be creative with your imprint too. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 4AllPromos can always offer advice about your design and product selection. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Save some dough, take your coffee on the go

Is it impossible for you to start your morning without a cup of coffee? You’re not alone; more than half of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. However, cup after cup can add up. Did you know that you can save up to $780 a year by brewing your own tea, coffee or hot chocolate from home?

Nowadays there are so many options for both brewing and transporting coffee. The Keurig and Tassimo  have made it easy to brew a single cup and coffee directly into a travel mug. No more waiting for a whole 2, 4 or 8 servings to brew. If you're looking for a good review, Good Housekeeping recommends the DeLonghi Esclusivo, Mr. Coffee SKX23 12-Cup, Starbucks Barista Aroma Solo Monique Coffee Maker BAIS and the Krups Coffee Machine KM1000 as the top-rated home coffee makers.

Drinkware is one of the most popular promotional products. Give your customers a travel mug and they instantly become a moving advertisement for your business. If fifty percent of Americans drink coffee everyone than you have pretty good odds of getting them to put some java in one of your cups. 

Travel mugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors these days. The most recent trend is to carry a travel mug that looks like a disposable cups from Starbucks. These trendy mugs are usually ceramic and have rubber cover. What do you think of this fad. Are these mugs convenient or just stylish? 

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Show us your promotional products!

Promotional or customer imprinted products are everywhere. You can find them in your doctor's office, conferences, hotels, restaurants, professional sport stadiums, or maybe on your TV! 

At last night's BCS National Championship game thousands of Oregon Duck fans cheered on their team with the infamous Oregon 'O' thanks to a clever pair of yellow foam fingers a la 4AllPromos. That's right we helped Ducks fans get their spirit on with the most popular sport swag - the powerful foam finger

Has your company ordered from 4AllPromos? Send us your fan, staff or customer photos and let us know how your products are being used. We'll feature them on our blog, Facebook and Twitter!  Our products have been used by the Kardashian sisters and at the Ice Capades and it's always fun to share these fun photos with our fans and customers. 

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Power of Promotional Products

Those of us in the promotional product industry are familiar with the phrase 'the power of promotional products.' However, new business owners or companies looking to increase sales may not have considered how useful certain giveaways can be to their customers.

Here are the Top 8 Reason You Should Consider Using Promotional Products:

  • 1. Promote goodwill/image - Give employees useful home or office products so they may use it often.
  • 2. Reinforce marketing of existing products, services, facilities - Make sure the product correlates to your business.
  • 3. Recognize employee performance - Perhaps reward  your employees with custom imprinted products. They are the most important advertisers. 
  • 4. Generate sales leads - If you give an employee a coffee mug, umbrella, hat or t-shirt they practically become a walking advertisement for you!
  • 5. Promote trade show traffic - Let's face it everyone loves a giveaway. When customers approach you to receive  your complimentary product they will also be exposed to your services. 
  • 6. Introduce new products, services, facilities - When something new and exciting is happening to your business you have to get the word out so why not use a product that can travel around spreading the word.
  • 7. Stimulate employee sales performance - Ideally, the promotional products themselves should help increase sales by a significant margin. 
  • 8. Stimulate employee productivity - An increase in sales or a promotional product incentive for customers may help boost sales thus increasing the productivity or workflow of your employees. 
What kind of promotional product is right for your business? Check out or give us a call at 866-732-3386 to speak to a knowledgeable sales representative about your specific needs.

If you are going to a tradeshow or starting a new service in 2011 try out the power of promotional products with your customers and let us know how it goes!

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Get the scoop on Groupon

Everybody loves a coupon and coupons have a come a long way since the days when our mother's sat at the kitchen table on Sundays clipping them out of the newspaper.

Perhaps the biggest coupon craze these days is the deal-of-the day website, Groupon. The discount retail coupon site markdown discounts to customers in more than 150 markets in North America as well as 100 in Europe, Asia and South America.

The website is even easier to use than a pair of scissors. Just sign up with your e-mail address in your closest geographic area (most big U.S. cities are on board at this point) and receive daily e-mails with the deal of the day. Offers include half off restaurant vouchers, spa packages, sporting event tickets, newspaper subscriptions and lift tickets to name a few.

The brainchild of Groupon, Andrew Mason, claims the company has a backlog of at least six month of vendors looking to get in on the action.

In Sept. 2010 Groupon launched its' first national deal, which offered a coupon for $50 worth of clothing or accessories from the Gap for just $25. By 5 p.m. the day the deal begun Groupon has sold 300,000 vouchers and wound up with 441,000 total grossing $11 million dollars from the deal. It was this offer that helped Groupon get on the up and up.

What kind of discounts or incentives do you offer your customers? Many companies send out e-mail blast with special offers. Constant Contact is a great way to reach your customers and provide them with specific information about specials, their orders or more information about your services.

At 4AllPromos we try to reach our customers in a variety of ways. Aside from the traditional snail mail and phone interactions we work to connect with customers on Facebook and Twitter where we offer our fans and followers special deals or coupons. Nowadays you can find most businesses online in one place or another but Facebook and Twitter actively engage customers and create a dialogue between the company and its' most loyal customers.

Coupons and sales incentives come in all shapes and forms these days. Mobile coupons are also catching on. Stores are activating GPS systems that will track a consumer's travels as they drive by their store or even as they navigate through the aisles. Coupons will instantly pop up on a customers phone so sales clerks can scan it upon check out. News papers and products themselves are featuring distinct bar codes that allow consumers to scan the bar code with their phone and find out what's on sales that week or where the product can be found at the lowest price.

There's no excuse not to try and save a buck these days when coupons can be found almost everywhere.

What's your favorite kind of coupon? Let us know, maybe we'll try it out.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

What's in a logo?

Whether your traveling down a crowded street, flipping through a magazine or shopping in a department store you are most definitely being bombarded by logos. Most people are familiar with the golden arches of McDonalds, the swirly, red C's of Coca Cola, or the Nike check. Logo's are an important component of the branding process. Your logo is what makes you recognizable to customers.

So, what happens when a company decides to change up its' logo? Well, it can either go really good or really bad-just asked the Gap. The once go-to shop for aspiring preppies and trendsetters has struggled in recent years to maintain its trend and appeal to the young, hip audience it once guided. The empire sculpted by perfect fitting jeans, crisp tee, polos and classic uniform style fashions once dominated TV with its clever ad campaigns and fresh faces. When the fashion tides changed with the economy Gap dumped their CEO and worked on revamping their image as their sister stores Banana Republic and Old Navy saw better sales and more diverse buyers.

What am I getting at here you ask? Several months ago Gap decided to introduce their new logo to customers via social networking sites. Gap execs suggested the new logo was more 'contemporary'. Immediately fans of Gap started chiming in and absolutely panned the new logo. Gap decided to scrap their design and left the new design up to the customers who had managed to keep the fledging clothing chain afloat all this time. There does not appear to be a winning logo yet.

However, many other American staples have managed to evolve their logos seamlessly. Ford, General Electric and Pepsi, to name a few, have all triumphed through decades with various tweaks to their globally accepted logos.

Yesterday, Starbucks, another company who has been forced to re-evaluate their business model during these dark economic days, changed their logo by removing the 'Starbucks' and 'Coffee' from their circular logo. The design has left many consumers wondering what the brand is up to. There has been speculation from many experts who suggest the brand is moving towards other business ventures such as music, for which they have made modest attempts at before. The new bland logo appears unfinished and void of any product placement. The earthly green color is still assigned to the whimsical mermaid feature evokes cravings of coffee and overpriced, calorie packed baked goods. However, I am not sure how the new logo is being received, or if it will indeed help the franchise bounce back as the mecca of all that is caffeine and hipster.

What do you think of the new Starbucks logo? Let us know and comment below.

Has your company ever changed its' logo? What prompted the decision and how was the change received by your customers?

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

There's always a reason to celebrate!

There's always something to celebrate. Every day of the year has at least one significant or obscure observance assigned to it. Those of us in the promotional products business love to celebrate any special event. At 4AllPromos we have a special item for almost celebration.

Today just happens to be National Whipped Cream day. What do you do on National Whipped Cream day  you ask? Ice shops might consider offering a discounted ice cream sundae with an extra dollop of whipped cream of course. Why not reward your loyal ice cream lovers with an ice cream scoop of their very own complete with your stores custom imprinted logo? Clever and useful promotional products always excite customers. An ice cream scoop is a useful kitchen item all year round. Everytime your customer goes to scoop their favorite frosty treat they will be reminded of your business.

What's the most creative promotional product you've ever taken home?

Extra tidbit: Other holidays or celebrations in January include

  • National Hot Tea Month
  • National Clean Up Your Computer Month
  • National Mentoring Month
  • Drinking Straw Day-Jan. 3
  • Trivia Day-Jan. 4
  • Bird Day-Jan. 5 (Happy bird day! Own a greenhouse or flowers shop? Maybe hand out some custom imprinted birdseed or a bird themed calendar)
  • Bubble Bath Day-Jan. 8
  • National Clean Off Your Desk Day-Jan. 10
  • Rubber Duckie Day-Jan. 13
  • Customer Service Day- Jan. 17
  • Winnie the Pooh Day-Jan. 18
  • National Disc Jockey Day- Jan. 20
  • National Beer Can Day-Jan. 24
  • National Compliment Day- Jan. 24
  • National Peanut Brittle Day- Jan. 26
  • National Fun at Work Day-Jan. 28
  • National Puzzle Day-Jan. 29
  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day-Jan. 31
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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New year, new promos!

It's a brand new year, which means we're bringing new brands and products to you! We're starting  up our 4AllPromos blog again so that we can keep our customers up-to-date with current deals, products and projects.

Aside, from our new blogging efforts here our some other projects taking shape:

1. More Facebook posts. Have you seen our Facebook page? Check us out for special offers, tips, featured products, coupons and more. 'Like' us and you just might receive something special. Upload pictures or videos of your purchases in use. We would love to see how your using your 4AllPromo products.

2. Tons of Tweeting. Twitter has proven itself to be an effective marketing tool. Since we joined up we've been steadily gaining followers. You can find us, deals and other tidbits of information we share @4AllPromos. Tweet us, retweet us, and message us and let us know how we can help you with your promotional product needs.

3. New and improved website. We're anticipating this change will come by the end of February. At first you may not notice the change as our website won't look too much different. Once you start the ordering process you will see a world of difference. We are working behind the scenes to make sure your ordering process is as easy as it can be. With our new website we will have the ability to change the look and feel whenever we want so that we can showcase more products and interact better with our customers.

We promise to introduce other new and exciting initiatives as 2011 continues so remember to check our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also find us on FourSquare, Merchant Circle, Constant Contact and Flickr.

We're looking forward to a productive and promotional 2011!

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