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Thursday, June 18, 2015

4AllPromos Reminds Customers About Pet Safety this Summer

 4AllPromos would like to extend a public service announcement out to our customers about the importance of keeping our beloved pets safe and cool this summer. We carry tons of pet related products from water bowls to brushes to leashes and more to help keep pets safe, healthy and happy all year long. All our pet products can be custom imprinted with your business name or logo. Pet products make great giveaways at adoption events, trade shows, fairs and other animal related events.

  • Our furry friends get extra hot in the summer thanks to their thick fur and hair. There are so many stories about pets being left in hot cars and homes throughout the summer. Remember it is illegal to keep a dog (or other pet) in a hot car while you go into a store. 
  • Just like you and me animals need to stay hydrated. Make sure you give your cat, dog or other pet fresh water everyday.
  • Treat dogs and outdoor cats for ticks and fleas. The lush summer grass and greenery is the time when these creepy crawly creatures make their way onto the family pet and can pose a risk to their health. 
  • Don't walk your dog during peak sun hours (8-3). Instead opt for an early morning or after dinner stroll-that way you both stay cooler!
To view more pet products from 4AllPromos visit the Pet section on our website. 

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