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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hit the Road with 4AllPromos

It's road trip season. It's time to roll down the windows or put the top down and hit the open road with friends and family in search of a summer adventure. From chargers to safety kits to games and more 4AllPromos has everything a traveler needs for the perfect road trip. Travel agencies, rest stops, tourism shops and other travel related businesses should stock up on these custom imprinted items as travelers start to hit the roads to their favorite destinations.

Take a look at our Top 5 Must-Have road trip items:

1. CarGo Cooler- Keep snacks and cold drinks handy while driving long hours with this custom imprinted cooler for the car. Side storage areas also have room for snacks that don't need to keep cool and front pockets are perfect for utensils, condiments and napkins.

2. USB Dual Car Charger- Don't run out of juice! Keep this car charger handy to make sure all your technology stays charged in case of an emergency. 4AllPromos has dozens of car chargers to choose from.

3. Deluxe Window Shade- Keep the car cool while stopping for a bite to eat or a chance to stretch your legs. These convenient window shades keep out the strong summer sun that can make the car too hot to sit in at times.

4. High Pressure Tire Gauge- Stay safe on the road by keeping an eye on your tire pressure especially during long drives.

5. Roadside safety KitLast but not least the most important accessory for a road trip is the  roadside safety kit. The kit comes with 10-gauge jumper cables, 2 bungee cords, gloves, flashlight (2 AA batteries included), rain poncho, 50 psi tire gauge, safety flag and strobe light (2 D batteries included). This bag also features silver reflective material, interior mesh pockets and a strobe light for safety.

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