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Monday, March 02, 2015

Why #thedress Almost Broke the Internet

Last Friday you couldn't check popular headlines without seeing the great debate over what color this Roman Originals dress is. A user on Tumblr posted a single photo of the dress and asked users to weigh in and thus the debate ensued. Depending on your eyes you either saw gold and white or blue and black. Everyone from Matt Lauer to Time magazine forged an opinion and ophthalmologists around the world were summoned for an explanation.

The reality is the actual dress is blue and black. The dress is sold out online and people continue to argue the color of the dress today.

What do we learn from this great debate? First, to each is own. Everyone perceives things differently. Secondly, color is important! The color of an objects can certainly cause an uproar and we see this on a regular basis with celebrities on the red carpet.

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