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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chill out with 4AllPromos

 Clown Fish Chill Pack

It's chilly out so it hard to think about the importance of having ice packs on hand in case someone gets black eye or falls down ice skating or has an allergic reaction to something. Do you have a first aid kit on hand at the office in your school or at home? It's so important to be prepared with some of the most basic first aid items in case disaster strikes.

4AllPromos chill packs make a great accessory in a first aid kit and perfect for kids and adults. They are great for doctor's and dentist's office for after shots or while waiting for the doctor to come stitch up a wound or check a reaction. These packs are sure to turn frowns upside down when patients see these adorable little ice or heat packs.

You may have seen more expensive versions of this at the grocery store or big box stores but our affordable chill packs start at just .69 cents a piece!

Let patients keep their favorite design to take home and use over and over!

For more chill packs visit the Hand, Bath and Body Care section of

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