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Monday, March 31, 2014

Custom Imprinted Magnets Help Your Message Stick

Looking for incredibly affordable way to get market to new customers? How about using a custom imprinted magnet as a promotional product. 4AllPromos offers hundreds of custom imprinted magnets and memos boards starting at under .25 cents.

Giveaway magnets at your cash register or even in the mail and send a message to your customers that you are here to stick around! Custom imprinted magnets will last a lifetime and serve as a friendly reminder to customers next time they need to call on your services.

Advertise your logo, name, phone number and e-mail address all in one place. Need a new logo or help branding your business? No problem. 4AllPromos graphic designers can help you create the perfect design that will get you noticed and help customers remember your name.

Visit to take a look at all our full-color, two color or black and white options.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sideline seating from 4AllPromos

Calling all soccer moms and dads. It's game time and 4AllPromos has a seat for you on the sidelines. 4AllPromos carries dozens of custom imprinted and promotional portable chairs perfect for the warm weather.

Pop-up chairs are great for outdoor games, parades, sightseeing trips, camping and more! Our luxurious chairs feature drink holders, storage and even umbrellas!

Foldable chairs make great giveaways during the summer months as tourism starts to pick up.

Custom imprint chairs with your business or team name. Sponsors, moms and dads can show their team spirit on the sidelines with our durable and practical chairs.

Visit and use the keyword chairs took look at our large inventory starting at under $15.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Stay Clean with 4AllPromos

Did you know that March 23 through March 29 is National Cleaning Week? That's right spring cleaning time has arrived so it's time to break out the mop, duster, and vacuum and make sure your own and office is nice and tidy.

Cleaning products make great promotional products during the spring months. 4AllPromos has all kinds of cleaning and organizing products. Customers can benefit from and get inspired by custom imprinted cleaning products such as microfiber cloths, screen cleaners, wipes, antibacterial lotion and more.

Here are our picks for some affordable and useful promotional cleaning products:

Lens Cleaner Wipes

Clean Sweep Keyboard Cleaner

Microsuede Cleaning Cloth

Bring these products to tradeshows, health fairs or product demos and pass on your clean reputation to customers  and clients this spring.

Visit for more clean promotional products.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trend Alert: Wearable Technology

You may have seen commercials lately debuting a phone that looks like a wrist watch and Google glasses are being rolled out to many on a trial basis for beta testing. These wearable technologies seem like something right out of the Jetson's but wearable technology is going to be hitting the shelves everywhere before we know it. According to a recent article in Counselor Magazine the wearable technology is expected to be a $10 billion business by 2016.

Nowadays people need technology at their fingertips 24/7. Whether they are tracking their fitness with a wristband or playing music while they workout wearable technology products are becoming staples in our everyday lives.

How can wearable technology benefit you or your customers? Customers value companies that take stake in technology. Technology makes buying and selling much easier than it every used to be.

4AllPromos sells dozens of tech gadgets and accessories to help make our customer's and client's lives easier. Custom imprinted tech products will make you stand out above the competitors at trade shows and other events.

Consider how wearable technology can benefit your business in 2014.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day from 4AllPromos

4AllPromos would like to wish a Happy St. Patrick's to all our customers-because as the saying goes: Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.

While most people celebrate with a pint of Guinness or some corned beef and cabbage our 4AllPromos customer's celebrate with green custom imprinted and promotional products including green apparel, custom imprinted drinkware, green candy, mardi gras beads, shamrock shaped products and many, many more green products from 

Let 4AllPromos be your one-stop-shop for holiday products. Promotional products make great giveways at holiday parades, feasts, parties and other festive events. Simple type in your holiday on our website and find dozens of products perfect for promoting your favorite holiday!

Erin Go Bragh!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Make Fitness Big Business with 4AllPromos

Being fit isn't just good for you it's very cool to be healthy this days. Fitness is a billion dollar industry and brands like Crossfit, Zumba and Team Beachbody are all on top. Whether you run a gym, a clothing store, restaurant or health oriented business fitness is a great way to engaged customers.

Everyone wants to look good, feel good and share that feeling with everyone on social media! Custom imprinted, healthy, promotional products are a great way to advertise. Your customers will sport a tank top, drink from a water bottle and keep track of their progress with products from 4AllPromos.

Health conscious customers will want to support a business who cares about them by offering health-related giveaways, incentives and other rewards to customers who show progress!

Show's like the Biggest Loser are encouraging many workplaces to hold weight loss challenges of their own. Start up an office competition and outfit participants with starting kits including sports bottles, gym bags, pedometers, lunch boxes and other inspirational promotional products.

Pack on positivity not pounds this Spring and get fit with fun and healthy promo products from

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to uniquely advertise your business with 4AllPromos

What's the newest trend in advertising? According to the Advertising Specialty Institute it's Beardvertising. That's right- the beard trend has blown up in the past year or so thanks to the Boston Red Sox, Duck Dynasty and hipsters.

Walking advertisements aren't a new thing. For years people have advertised on their cars, clothing and in some cases even their body by tattooing logos and brands in visible places. What's different about Beardvertising is that creative marketers are learning to take the newest trends and capitalize on them.

What unique ways are you advertising your business or organization. Would Beardvertising work for you? At 4AllPromos we are always looking for different, fun and exciting ways to help clients advertise their businesses. Promotional products help businesses and and their customers think outside the box. We stay on top of trendy products and ideas to help our customers keep their customers engaged.

This Spring start fresh by offering exciting or unique giveaways to your customers. If Beardvertising isn't for you check out our wacky products section to find out how you can grad the attention of new customers with exciting promotional and custom imprinted products including apparel, drinkware, gourmet food and candy, office supplies and more.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Bargain shopping with 4AllPromos!

Are you a bargain shopper? Advertising can be expensive but that is why promotional products are such a great options for businesses looking to get the word out about their products and services.

Promotional products are an affordable way to advertise and market to prospective customers. Promotional products make great giveaways at tradeshows, during special promotions at farmers markets, parades, expos and more!

If you're on the fence about how promotional products can make a difference for you business or company visit the 4AllPromos Closeouts section and find products that are even more discounted and do a trial run!

4AllPromos can custom imprint any of our closeout items. Act fast because these closeout items move quickly!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Go Green with 4AllPromos

No this isn't another post about St. Patrick's Day. It's March and the first day of Spring is March 20. How are you getting customer's and clients ready for warmer temperatures and blossoming flowers and trees? 

Did you know 4AllPromos carries and selection of seeds, plants and gardening products?

The winter has been so cold and snowy, what better way to liven up your customer's and client's offices than with bright, live plants! We've discussed in previous posts how beneficial plants can be in your home or office since they produce fresh oxygen. Plants are a unique promotional product and when well-maintained they can be the gift that keeps on giving!

Shop for these items on
  • Set packets
  • Potted plants
  • Herb gardens
  • Planters