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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Three Myths about Green Promotional Products

It seems like everyone is going 'green' these days. Not only is it good for the environment but the social movement has become trendy and cool among individuals and even businesses across the world. By going 'green' your business may attract a new clientele or even gain some accolades from peers or municipalities. However, there are skeptics out there that argue going green isn't making a difference in the world. 4AllPromos is a proud supporter of earth-friendly promotional products.

Here are 3 common myths about 'going green' that 4AllPromos wishes to debunk:

#1- One person can't make a difference- Not true, because of course, every little step makes a difference. In fact, did you know that it takes 6 plastic bottles to make one t-shirt? By purchasing an earth friendly t-shirt you are saving 6 plastic bottles from being thrown into landfills to disintegrate into the earth's soil. Plus, if you start a green movement perhaps your friends and family will follow because they see your passion and desire to make a difference on our earth.

#2- Eco-friendly products cost more- Again, not true. 4AllPromos sells earth-friendly t-shirts, pens, tote bags, calendars and more many of which begin at under $2. Perhaps some of the trendy products receive a huge markup but at 4AllPromos we strive to deliver our customers quality promotional products for less.

#3- Earth-friendly products are low quality- Well this is just ridiculous- If anything eco-friendly products are more durable and withhold the test of time because they are made from recycled materials that are able to be reused. Also, many eco-friendly shirts are combined with organic cotton to produced a durable adn fashionable shirt!

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