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Monday, June 09, 2014

Keep Pets in Mind this Summer with 4AllPromos

The Humane Society estimated that in 2012 about 62% of American homes had some kind of household pet. Pets are family and as weather starts to heat up it's important to spread awareness about pet safety especially when it comes to heat. 

Nice weather is a great opportunity to take our dogs out for a long walk, a swim at the beach or a trip to the dog park. Make sure your dogs always have fresh water for trips away from home (and at home of course!). 4AllPromos has many portable products that help keep dogs healthy and happy while on the go. The pet product industry is a huge industry in America. Custom imprinted products for pets and pet owners make great giveaways and promotional items for your business. 

Here's a list of just some of the products offered for custom imprinting by 4AllPromos:

Also, the Human Society reminds pet owners of a few key tips to keep pets safe during warm weather
  • Never leave pets alone in a car
  • Limit exercise on warm days
  • Don't rely on a fan (pet sweat through their feet. Use a cool wash cloth to cool down their feet)
  • Provide adequate shade and water
  • Cool pets inside and outside

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