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Thursday, May 15, 2014

4AllPromos Warns Customers of Rising Cotton Prices

Experts are warning both manufacturers and consumers that cotton prices are one again on the rise. In fact, according to a new article from Counselor Magazine cotton prices are expected to be their highest in two years.

4AllPromos knows clients and their customers love custom imprinted apparel. However, there are so many unique, affordable and useful custom imprinted products that customers can wear and use. If you are looking to cut costs or stay out of the cotton bidding war try custom imprinted tote bags, office supplies, sunglasses, sports bottles or other non-cotton promotional products. Earth-friendly and recycled items can also cut down on the cost of cotton. Be eco-friendly with recycled products from 4AllPromos too! Just just the phrase 'earth-friendly' to shop for what's available.

As warmer weather is starting to creep across the country businesses and manufacturers are starting to think about promotional apparel including t-shirts and hats and other custom imprinted apparel that make perfect gifts and purchases during summer travel.

Industry officials attribute the price increase to a supply and demand in light of the strengthening economy. However, economists say that high prices might not be too much to worry about and they expect many farmers to be able to produce bigger crops next year if the demand continues.

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