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Monday, May 19, 2014

4AllPromos Congratulates the Class of 2014

Cue Pom and Circumstance because it's time for the class of 2014 to march across the stage. 4AllPromos would like to congratulate both the college graduates and the upcoming high school graduates on completing their degrees and beginning a new chapter of their lives!

Graduation means time to throw yourself a party! 4AllPromos has lots of gifts and ideas for graduates. Custom imprint signs, professional writing tools, tech gifts, bags and more for your special graduates.

Here are some of 4AllPromos tops picks for custom imprinted graduation products:

This Swanky Graduation Pen is a great giveaway during graduation registration events. Help gets students excited for their big day with speciality items like pens, totes bags, key chains and more custom imprinted items from your school. They'll wear their swag like true alumni's.

The Graduation Cap Nameplate Lawn Sign helps point friends and family to the after party. These fun lawn signs are a great item to give out to future graduates as well. They can write their own name on the sign and put it in the front yard the day of their party.

The Signature Sweatshirt Blanket Series is a great momento to give students at their class graduation party or night out. Simply collect signatures ahead of time and print the entire classes John Hancock's on a special sweatshirt blanket they can take with them to college or on their next adventure.

Simply use the keyword 'graduation' to find all kinds of ideas for custom imprinted items for 2014 graduates. Visit or call 1-866-732-3386 

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