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Monday, March 10, 2014

How to uniquely advertise your business with 4AllPromos

What's the newest trend in advertising? According to the Advertising Specialty Institute it's Beardvertising. That's right- the beard trend has blown up in the past year or so thanks to the Boston Red Sox, Duck Dynasty and hipsters.

Walking advertisements aren't a new thing. For years people have advertised on their cars, clothing and in some cases even their body by tattooing logos and brands in visible places. What's different about Beardvertising is that creative marketers are learning to take the newest trends and capitalize on them.

What unique ways are you advertising your business or organization. Would Beardvertising work for you? At 4AllPromos we are always looking for different, fun and exciting ways to help clients advertise their businesses. Promotional products help businesses and and their customers think outside the box. We stay on top of trendy products and ideas to help our customers keep their customers engaged.

This Spring start fresh by offering exciting or unique giveaways to your customers. If Beardvertising isn't for you check out our wacky products section to find out how you can grad the attention of new customers with exciting promotional and custom imprinted products including apparel, drinkware, gourmet food and candy, office supplies and more.

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