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Monday, January 27, 2014

News Alert: Apparel Prices Rising

A new report out by the Advertising Speciality Institute indicates the price of apparel is on the rise thus impacting the sales of custom imprinted and promotional apparel. In a recent report the federal government concluded that Americans paid .6 percent more for apparel in 2013. Many companies and organizations must reconsider buying and producing custom imprinted apparel as a means of advertising.

For the past 11 years apparel has been one of the lowest priced promotional products because of overseas manufacturing prices. Low priced labor and materials kept costs down but recently safety regulations and an increase in wages have caused the price of outsourcing production to increase dramatically.

While prices aren't expected to become anything catastrophic businesses and organizations may decide it is more cost effective to find other promotional products to help raise awareness about their business or initiative. The great thing about promotional products is there are thousands and thousands of products to choose from and customize for your customers.

4AllPromos has found more customers ordering drinkware, pens, earth-friendly products, tote bags, snacks and candy and tech gadgets.

So if the rising price of apparel has got you thinking about switching up your giveways, visit to find a new and exciting promotional product for 2014.

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