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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from 4AllPromos!

Happy Halloween to all our customer's and friends! Have a safe and fun all hallows eve!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Keep Warm this Winter with 4AllPromos

Brrr it's cold outside. The first frost hit the Northeast this week and that means winter is well on it's way. It's time to turn the thermostat up and pull out those cozy blankets, sweaters and outerwear. 4AllPromos is ready for winter with a large selection of custom imprinted blankets, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and jackets along with many other custom imprinted items that make winter a little easier to bear.

Take a look at some of our favorite winter promo products! These items are great for businesses and groups who's primary season is winter.

Custom Fleece Blanket in a Gift Box- This is a great gift for winter sports teams or a great item to sell at outdoor winter events such as football, ice skating rinks and parades.

Abaco Tumbler This handy travel mug is great for morning coffee or hot chocolate. The stainless steel design keeps beverages hot for hours at a time.

Great Lakes 10 inch Ice Scraper-  This might be one of the most useful and affordable promotional products for the winter. This durable scraper makes a great holiday gift to loyal customers or employees.

Don't forget to check out our great selection of warm winter apparel too! Custom embroider your company name or logo a a hat or sweatshirt for a holiday gift.

Stay warm!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What Does Your Business Give Out to Kids?

One of the fondest memories of being a kid is getting the prize in the cereal box, Cracker Jax box and in my Happy Meal. Happy meals had some of the best toys. As part of a multi-year campaign, the number one fast food chain in America, McDonald's is working to not only make Happy Meals healthier but also to make them educational. Happy Meals will start giving out books instead of 'toys'. The chain claims books are a more engaging way to give a 'nutritional lesson' to kids.

McDonald's smart campaign had us at 4AllPromos wondering...what do you give out to kids? Is it educational, silly, fun or engaging?

4AllPromos has hundreds of toys for your younger customers from toys to games to healthy snacks and books. There are so many ways to stand out with kids and more importantly with their parents. 

Custom imprinted products aren't just for adults. Imprint coloring books, stuffed animals, Frisbees and small apparel to help advertise your business or other venture. 

Children can be some of your most important critics. When choosing a promotional or custom imprinted product for kids pick something that's fun and that can keep their attention for a good amount of time while their parents shop in your store! 

Visit our Spirit & Fun Stuff section to find all kinds of cool products for your tiny customers. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Give a Gift from 4AllPromos this Holiday Season

What would you rather have this holiday season- a nice gift from your employer or a nice holiday party with your office? According to Counselor magazine, the verdict is 80 percent of those polled would much rather have a nice gift from their employer than be forced to dress up and attend a banquet with their co-workers (who they already spend enough time with).

4AllPromos proudly supports the idea of holidays gifts with more than 15,000 custom imprinted items in stock perfect for the holidays and all other times of the year.

The number of employees desiring a gift in lieu of  a party has grown a whopping 12 percent since last year, which is even more of a reason to consider switching up your office traditions this year.

Not sure what makes a good holiday gift for your employees. Don't worry, 4AllPromos has made a list of some of our top picks for custom imprinted (and even promotional) items for your staff.

  • Apparel- Scarfs, hats, gloves, sweatshirts and jackets with or without your company logo make a great gift. Add a logo to help create a sense of community. 
  • Drinkware- Travel mugs are always a useful product to have.
  • Desk accessories- Help your staff jazz up their desk. A special pen or padfolio is always great for sales reps.
  • Keepsakes- Custom imprinted pictures frames, key chains or Christmas ornaments add a personal touch. 
  • Candy and gourmet food- Give employees something they can share with their families. 
For more on this most recent article about holiday gifts from Counselor Magazine, click here.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Do your holiday shopping with 4AllPromos

Have  you started thinking about your holiday shopping yet? Many businesses, organizations, non profits, etc. like to give their loyal customers and clients a thank you during the holiday seasons. The holidays are a great time to thank customers for their patronage and remind them with a simple yet thoughtful custom imprinted gift that your business is available to them all year long.

4AllPromos sees an uptick in sales right before the holidays from businesses looking for the perfect way to thank their customers and help get them in the holiday spirit. 4AllPromos recently started selling engraved gifts. These special items are a unique way to say thank you and happy holidays.

4AllPromos personalized engraved gifts let you place unique sayings, names and important messages on some of our best products including apparel, notebooks, pens and desk accessories, Flash drives, candy boxes drinkware and more.

Here's a look at our top 3 pics for best engraved gifts:

Personalized stress ball- Nothing says the holidays like stress! Help your customers calm their nerves with a personalized stress ball with a special message. Stress balls (or shapes) are one of our most popular and most affordable products.

Personalized Business Card Case- Thank that special representative in your life with a personalized business card case. This case is modern, stylish and functional and sales reps will appreciate the practical gesture!

Personalized Chrome-Plated Divot Fixer
We all know golf is one of the most important business skills one can have. Treat your clients to a personalized golf divot tool this holiday season and then strike up a game next spring!

Visit our Holiday and Engraved Gifts section to find more special gifts for the holidays.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Go Pink with 4AllPromos

October is breast cancer awareness month. Business and organizations all over the country raise millions of dollars a year through fundraising campaigns pink products. is a proud supporter of the pink campaign carrying hundreds of pink products to help raise awareness about finding a cure.

Every year 40,000 women lose a battle with breast cancer. With money raised in the month of October significant research is being pioneered by American doctors and researchers.

The ‘pink campaign’ was started by the pink ribbon. The ribbon represents breast cancer awareness and nowadays there are dozens of different colored and patterned ribbons that help create awareness about many different diseases and conditions. Today shoppers can find so many different pink products to help raise awareness. Shirts, umbrellas, drinkware, hats, pens, bags and more can all be custom imprinted by 4AllPromos for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

4AllPromos lets customer’s custom imprint promotional products with anything from original logos and graphics to websites and slogans. Convey a personal, special, important or funny message with custom imprinted items this October. Supporters will be sold with creative, unique and quality products from the promotional product experts at 4AllPromos.

4AllPromos graphic designers can help customers personalize any item on our site. Our free artwork and price match guarantee make it easy and affordable for businesses to get involved in Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Use the keyword ‘pink’ on to search the large inventory of products.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why You Can't Go Wrong with a Promotional T-Shirt from 4AllPromos

We say it all the time, but t-shirts are one of the most popular, affordable and safe promotional products. People love free t-shirts and oftentimes they will do almost anything to get one! 4AllPromos sell thousands of promotional and custom imprinted t-shirts every year to business, charities, schools and retail stores every year.

Custom imprinted t-shirts are a great way to remember your favorite vacation spot, an event that you took part of, your favorite school or sports team or a special message you want to share with the public.

The Global Advertising Specialty Impressions study recently revealed some fun statistics about promotional t-shirt listed below. While some of these facts and figures may not be a surprise it's just further reinforcement that people continue to love promotional t-shirts. Take a look at 4AllPromos wide variety of colors, styles and custom imprinted options at

  • Of the 12 metro U.S. cities polled, Atlantans (46%) owned the most promotional T’s
  • Consumers age 21-34 are most likely to own a promotional T-shirt (48%)
  • Independents (46%) are more likely to own promotional T’s than Democrats and Republicans
  • Latinos (52%) are more likely than any other racial demographic to own a promotional T
  • Men (45%) own more promo shirts than women (40%)

Monday, October 07, 2013

Find Your Fortune with 4AllPromos

What's the best part of getting chinese food? The fortune cookie at the end of course! It's always fun to read what your future has in store for you. Did you know that fortune cookies don't have to be just for dessert after take out? Fortune cookies make great giveaways, wedding favors, party favors and gifts. 4AllPromos loves fortune cookies and we carry dozens of different flavors and sizes for any occasion.

Fortune cookies have largely become more of an American tradition. In fact the original fortune cookie was 'invented' in Japan. Japanese fortune cookie are darker and a bit larger than their Chinese offspring. Production of fortune cookies moved to China after World War II. The invention of the fortune cookie machine in California gave birth to the American version of the cookie and the rest is history. The cookies have become a staple of the popular take out.

Give your customers, clients or guests a little something special and create a custom message in one of our fun flavored fortune cookies.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Make Customers the Apple of Your Eye

Since we're on the topic of fruits and vegetables another valuable fruit to honor during the fall is apples. Apples represent so many things in our culture including health, knowledge, immortality to name a few. 4AllPromos honors the diverse symbolism of the apple with an abundance of promotional products including:

and much, much more! Use the keyword 'apple' to search through all 4AllPromos products.

Apples are a great way to promote the beginning of the school year, harvest festivals and fairs and other outdoor events and businesses. They can also be used all year long to promote healthy habits. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

How to Use Promotional Pumpkins this Fall

What's one of the first signs of Fall? Pumpkins start popping up everywhere. The popularity of pumpkins has grown exponentially over the years with pumpkin themed festivals, foods and beverages. So what better way to join the trend than with custom imprinted promotional pumpkin products from 4AllPromos?!

Why pumpkins you ask? Not only are the signs of the Fall harvest they have many health benefits.

Did you know pumpkins...

  • Help your eyesight
  • Aid weightloss
  • Seeds help heart health and your mood
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Protect your skin
  • Help your body recover after a tough workout
  • Boost your immune system
Help promote healthy habits to your customers or clients or just get in the spirit of Fall and Halloween with fun promo products including pumpkin stress balls, tote bags, trick-or-treat bags.

Use the keywords 'pumpkin' or 'halloween' to search all the fun products on