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Monday, September 16, 2013

Report: Small business owners say the economy is improving

A recent report by the Advertising Speciality Institute shows that 72 percent of small business owners feel the economy is starting to show signs of improvement.

4AllPromos does a considerable amount of business with small business owners. Promotional and custom imprinted products are an affordable way to get customers through the door. Giveaways and custom imprinted materials help to advertise outside the store.

This positive outlook by small business owners is promising news across the board as the renewed confidence is inspiring owners to invest more in their business. Of those surveyed 34 percent of owners said they plan to expand their business, 21 percent plan to expand marketing, 21 percent want to increase staff and 13 percent are planning to invest in new equipment.

Are you part of this group of small business owners who has plans to grow and change your business in this improving economy? Let 4AllPromos help. We offer many budget friendly products that can help advertise your small business. From magnets to pens to sticky notes, we offer more than 15,000 promotional and custom imprinted products.

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