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Monday, August 12, 2013

4AllPromos wants to help teachers and students

The non-profit organization recently released the staggering statistic that 91% of all teachers purchase supplies for their classroom out of their own pocket. Due to budget cuts many schools cannot provide their teachers with money to buy some of the most basic supplies.

4AllPromos wants to remind our customers and clients that we have almost everything teachers and students need to head back to school. We have everything from pens and pencils, to luncboxes to apparel to notebooks and even tech gadgets.

Parent/teacher associations, community organizations and businesses can and should help local teachers purchase classroom supplies by holding fundraisers or by simply purchasing the necessary supplies and adding a businesses logo or sponsorship to the items. 
School supplies aren’t the only things teachers are buying for students. The organization also recently revealed that 2 out of 3 teachers purchase food for students, 1 out of 3 teachers purchase clothing for students and nearly 1 out of 3 teachers purchase hygiene products for students.  4AllPromos carries everything from snacks to apparel to personal hygiene products. 4AllPromos has everything students and teachers need to have a successful and productive school year. 
 Visit to view our large assortment of affordable school supplies. 

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