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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beat the Heat with 4AllPromos

The northeast is getting slammed with hot, hot temperatures. The summer is here and it's important to be aware of the dangers of high temperatures. Pets, the elderly and children are especially susceptible to heat stroke, breathing issues and other health related issues in this dangerous kind of weather.

Stay safe and cool this summer with promotional products from 4AllPromos! We carry tons of products that help keep you safe in the cool weather including spray fans, sport bottles, coolers, hats, sunglasses and more! Not sure what you're looking for? Call one of our friendly product specialists today!

Promotional products can help educate people about many different things including how to stay safe and cool in the summer. Hand out promotional sport bottles, ice packs, pool toys, light t-shirts or tanks, hats and sunglasses at summer events to help remind people how to stay cool. 

In the meantime, takes these tips from the Center for Disease Control on how to stay safe in extreme heat. 

1. Drink plenty of fluid
2. Wear light clothing (lightweight and light colored)
3. Pace yourself. Don't exercise heavily outdoors.
4. Stay indoor in air conditioning
5. Monitor those at risk including children and pets. 

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