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Monday, January 14, 2013

11 Marketing Words to Banish in 2013

A new year is a great time to start fresh with a new marketing plan. A new year means new customers and new demands. January is a great time to start fresh with a creative advertising campaign. Before you launch your new initiative it might be a good idea to look at INC. magazine's list of the "11 Marketing Worlds No One Wants to Hear in 2013."

Here's the list:
1. Customer focused
2. Best in class
3. Low-hanging fruit
4. Exceed expectations
5. Unique
6. Value added
7. Expert
8. Seasoned
9. Exceptional ROI
10. Partner
11. Low-key

If you're planning on planning on revamping your customer communication it might be a good idea to consult an outside advertising or marketing firm. Think outside the box this year and incorporate technology, products, media and other different campaigns.

You might want to try a different approach and let products do the talking for you. 4AllPromos has thousands of custom imprinted products for all types of customers and clients. Visit or call one of our friendly product specialist to help you get started!

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