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Monday, October 29, 2012

Product Alert: Trendy Shades

 Glasses are becoming more of a fashion statement than ever these days. Celebrities and athletes are making statements with their bold frames.

Make your next party or event extra fun with fun retro glasses from 4AllPromos. These glasses are great for holiday parties, weddings, Bat Mitzvahs, sporting events or even corporate events.

The unique thing about these glasses is 4AllPromos can imprint unique designs or symbols on the lenses of these glasses. What a great way to promote your event! Imprint a website, logo or date on the glasses. These frames will make a great momento and get everyone excited about your event.

These promotional glasses are affordable too-starting at under $3 a pair! What a steal. Click here for details!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 Things You Might Not Know About 4AllPromos

4AllPromos is one of the leading markets in online promotional products. We service as the conduit between the customer and the manufacturer making sure products are safe, affordable and valuable to everyone they serve from people, to business to communities.

1. Free Artwork- 4AllPromos has several graphic artists on staff that can help customers both design and edit custom artwork, logos and text. You name it they can do it. We even offer online proofs that allow customers to see their artwork on the product they ordered so that they can approve it before it moves on the assembly line!

2. Live people- Many online companies outsource their customer service, which can be frustrating to many customers. When you call our toll-free number at 4AllPromos you actually get a live product specialist who works right in our office. Our product specialist are also available via e-mail and if that fails another product specialist can also help you with any questions or concerns.

3. Lowest price guarantee- The promotional products business can be competitive and confusing for customers. We want to make things as painless as possible (and as affordable as can be!). If you find your same product at a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, let us know and we'll match the price!

4. More than 15,000 products- That's right, our inventory keeps on growing. Our customers and clients often let us know what's big in the industry and what they'd like to see us carry. We often add new, exciting and affordable products on a weekly basis.

Let 4AllPromos help you with your marketing and promotional needs.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The History of...the flashlight

For those of us to have to deal with Daylight Savings Time, we all know too well that's it's on it's way. The days are getting shorter and our rides home from work are getting darker. The winter months are dark and can be dangerous if you don't take the proper precautions.

If you haven't already it's time to start stocking up on batteries and making sure all your flashlights and other emergency items are ready to go in case of a snow or ice storm. Promotional flashlights are a great winter promotion.  4AllPromos carries all kinds of flashlights-small ones, large ones and even ones that crank up for short bursts of light during a storm or in case all else fails.

A flashlight is probably one of those gadgets we all keep in our junk drawers and take advantage of only a few times a year. However, when disaster strikes it can be one our most useful tools.

The flashlight, believe, it or not was invented around 1896 when the dry cell battery was first invented. However, the first patent wasn't put on the gadget until 1899 by the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company and English inventor, David Misell. Since those days the flashlight has taken on many shapes and forms and 4AllPromos carries most of those designs. You can carry a flashlight on a keychain, in your pocket or keep a large flood light in your garage or car trunk in case of emergencies.

Visit our flashlight section today to find the perfect custom imprinted product to light up your customers day and life!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Plan with Promotional Products

I don't know about you but some of us still like to use pen and paper to write down things and help stay organized. Promotional calendars make a great gift for clients during the holiday season as they prepare for a new year and start thinking about new business.

Holiday season is one of the busiest times at 4AllPromos, mostly because clients are gearing up to send holiday gifts to their clients and customers. Wall calendars, stick calendars, desk calendars and planners all make perfect, affordable gifts for clients and customers. Stick calendars for your fridge or filing cabinet cost just under 50 cents and wall calendars cost just around $1. 4AllPromos also has completely customizable calendars where you can use your photos for each month. 4AllPromos calendars come in all different kinds of themes and shapes depending on your clients and your business.

Custom imprinted calendars will help customers stay aware of your business all year round, help customers and clients stay organized and promote your business and products to your customers customers.

Order your 2013 calendars today by calling 4AllPromos toll-free at 1-866-732-3386.

Monday, October 15, 2012

4 Things You Didn't Know About Promotional Pens

Who doesn't love a good pen. And, who doesn't love a fun fact! The promotional product company is full of fun facts. This month the Advertising Specialty Institute has published an article featuring 4 fun facts about promotional pens.

  • More Democrats own promotional pens than Republicans and Independents?
  • More women than men own promotional pens?
  • More Hispanics than Causians and African Americans own promotional pens?
  • More Australians than Americans, Canadians and Great Britains own promotional pens?
Why do you think these statistics are the way they are? As marketers, we at 4AllPromos, are always looking for statistical data to help us explain the buying patterns and trends of our valued customers.  These types of facts can help us figure out how we can best reach out to companies, schools, non-profits, agencies and regular customers to help them find the custom imprinted item or items that are perfect for their special event, promotion or campaign.

At 4AllPromos we have hundreds of pens perfect for any kind of client. We have stick pens, click pens, writing sets and even pens for under $1.

Let 4AllPromos be your premier place for quality, affordable pens.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Holiday Season is Here!

No it's not too early to start planning your holiday promotions and gifts. In fact the sooner you place your order the quicker you can get products out to your favorite customers. 

4AllPromos has great gifts for the holidays for every kind of customer or client from retail to corporate. Studies have shown that companies who give out special gifts and promotions to customers bring in more business in the new year. Everyone loves getting presents! 

Visit our 2012 Holiday Gift section to view every kind of promotional holiday gift from fleece blankets to Christmas ornaments to candy and chocolate. 

Our holiday gift section is set up to include everything from custom imprinted gift bags to simple ornaments or holiday themed stressballs to upscale corporate gifts such as clocks, wine gift sets or pen sets. 4AllPromos is the place to shop for every holiday from Halloween to Hanukah! 

Let our friendly product specialists walk you through pricing and even custom art design by calling toll-free at 1-866-732-3386.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

3 Ways to Promote Awareness with Promotional Products

Trade magazines are a great way to keep up with what's relevant and in demand. The team at 4AllPromos always works to stay on top of the trends and offer our customers and marketers useful information that can be used for their business. Advantages Magazine is a great resource for those in the promotional product business. This month they feature and article on ways to market awareness campaigns. Since October is the largest awareness month all year we think it's important to touch on the 3 most important ways you can promote awareness of these life saving awareness campaigns.

1. Create memorable and valuable exposure: T-shirts are probably the most popular way to grab the attention of an audience. Bright colors and well-designed logos are the best way to attract attention. Give out t-shirts to large crowds or at live televised or press covered events like football games or concerts and voila- there you have an instant 'commercial'.

2. Develop a list of donors. Encouraged people to donate to your foundation, campaign or organization and reward them for doing so with a simple gift such as a bumper sticker. Promotional products such as stickers will travel many miles and be seen by many people.

3. Teach and change behavior- Produce educational products. Promotional pamphlets can help instruct people on how to perform self exams, how to change their unhealthy habits and encourage them to be better people.

Lead by example with promotional products that help create awareness about a cause that is important to you. Customers and clients will respect your dedication and compassion for a cause!

Sunday, October 07, 2012

TREND ALERT: Green is getting attention

Nowadays when you hear the word green you don't necessarily think of the color since the sustainability movement has taken off so rapidly in the past five years or so. However, the trend specialists at Counselor Magazine are alerting buyers and consumers to the fact that all shades are green are now the go-to color for promotional products and especially apparel. 

4AllPromos is always trying to stay on top of the most popular trends in order to help our customers stay competitive in their business and on top of their game when it comes to event planning. Most promotional and custom imprinted products from 4AllPromos come in all different colors of the rainbow just in case green doesn't go with your agenda. 

The color green symbolically means prosperity and fertility and green apparel conveys an optimistic message about the economy. Green is a bright, vibrant color which attracts attention but also compliments many atmospheres. What better way to convey stability to your customers than with green, free promotional products and materials. 

Color can be an important decision when creating a marketing strategy. Depending on your client base color can be a delicate subject as the meaning behind colors doesn't always necessarily translate throughout different cultures or demographics. 

Let 4AllPromos product specialists and graphic designers help you design the perfect green product for your customers. 

Monday, October 01, 2012

October is a Big Awareness Month

Happy October 1st! Did you know October is a busy, busy month full of holidays, observances and awareness campaigns? Take a look at this laundry list of some of the most significant days throughout October (courtesy of Wikipedia). How does your business raise awareness in the month of October? Do you do anything to call attention to a special event?

Promotional products are a great way to promote and support special causes. 4AllPromos can help you create special awareness campaign promo products perfect for your special fundraiser, event or awareness week or month. Call a product specialist today to discuss your options.

[edit]Month-long observances

[edit]Cultural celebrations

[edit]Health observances