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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Celebrate Halloween with 4AllPromos

4AllPromos loves holidays! Believe it or not Halloween is just around the corner!

From candy, to candy bags, to flashlights to coloring books and more 4AllPromos is your one stop shop for all things Halloween in bulk. Hosting a big Halloween bash or promotion? Many communities host safe Halloween events for children; which is a great way to keep this creepy night under control.

Here are some must-have items for a safe and fun Halloween:

Keep your candy and yourself or your child safe with this fun, reflective drawstring backpack. This spooky jack-o-lantern glows blue to help cars and people keep away! These fun Halloween accessories start at just under $2.

Keep safe and keep track of your trick-or-treating route with this 3-in-1 safety lightFeatures: Powerful emergency whistle, ultra bright white LED flashlight, strobing beacon for night time visibility, long life batteries included and replaceable, break-away safety lanyard included.

Keep your candy safe in these durable Halloween themed tote bags! These bright custom imprinted bags are much better than any disposable plastic or paper trick-or-treating bags! 

Visit for all your Halloween treats! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

History of...the Piggy Bank

The economy isn't at it's best right so saving and scrimping every little bit is important. Loose change can really add up; but where's the best place to keep it? A Piggy Bank of course! These tamper proof change receptacle aren't only cute but they are a great way to store loose change for a rainy day!

Save for a vacation, a new toy or gadget or even for your future with one of 4AllPromos Piggy Banks!

Piggy Banks are cute but have you ever wondered why they are called Piggy Banks? The Middle English term 'pygg' refers to a type of clay made to use many household items such as jars or pots. In the early days people often saved loose change in these pots or jars and in the 18th century these jars were given the name 'pygg jars'. Manufacturers began producing pig shaped 'banks' made of glass, class and even metal and the term Piggy Bank took off.

While that story is the most common other's believe the term came from Germany where pigs are considered good luck. Thus people stored money in pig-shaped jars to help bring them and their money good luck.

Anyway you look at it Piggy Banks are a great investment! Children will learn the value of saving with 4AllPromos custom imprinted banks. Piggy Banks make great giveaways for banks too!

Shop our Piggy Bank section to view more than just your average custom imprinted Piggy Bank.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Why Pink is Perfect for October

In case you didn't know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This means it's time to sport your best shade of baby pink. Pink products have become extremely popular sells all year round not just in October.

According to the Center for Disease Control breast cancer is the most deadly kind of cancer for women (though it is important known men can also be affected by this disease). Chances are you or someone you known has at least been affected by this disease and in a culture where we are aesthetics are so 'prized' by the media this disease can be devastating for women and their families.

Many businesses choose to 'pinkify' their merchandise in the month of October to help raise funds and create awareness about the importance of support and research for those struggling to survive the disease.

4AllPromos also supports Breast Cancer in October and all year round with our extensive collection of pink promotional products. From ribbons, to stationary, to golf towels 4AllPromos can 'pinkify' anything!

Call us today to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness and help spread the message.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fill up on Fall Apparel from 4AllPromos

The weather is cooling off which means it's time to start piling on the layers and preparing our wardrobes for the crisp Fall weather.

Custom imprinted apparel is a great way to make a statement for your brand. Outfit sales representatives, customers and the community with stylish, affordable and practical pieces for their wardrobe.

Not only is Fall practically here but football season has officially kicked off. Fit football fans with fleeces, hats, shirts or gloves to help keep them warm all while showing off their favorite team.

Fall means students are back to school. Custom imprinted uniform shirts, sports apparel or bags help to get students back in the swing of things.

Apparel is one of the most popular types of promotional products and giveaways. Fall can be a busy time for many business, school and communities and it's a great time to promote your brand, business, group or initiative to large groups. 4AllPromos offers many discounts to those customers who order in bulk!

Shop our apparel section today and find Fall inspired apparel!

Monday, September 10, 2012

6 Ways to Show Your School Spirit

Be agressive, be, be agressive-and show your school spirit to rival teams with custom imprinted products from 4AllPromos.

High school pep rallys, football and basketball games are some of the most popular and social events of the year. It's important to represent your team and show your pride with bold colors, stand out mascots and fun promotional products. 4AllPromos is your go-to website for all things school spirit-from thundersticks to t-shirts to pom-poms and more we have everything you need to show the other towns who's boss.

Take a look at our top 7 must-have school spirit products:

Sweatshirts (or other apparel)-The weather is cool and you will be too when you sport your team name or mascot on one of our dozens of custom imprinted sweatshirts.

Foam Hands-Show your rivals who's # with one of our custom imprinted foam hands. Looking for something different? 4AllPromos has peace signs, full hands and other variations.

Stadium Cushions-Take a load off in between cheering for your favorite team with these comfortable and easy to carry stadium cushions.

Folding chairs-Travel with your team and take your seat on the go. Folding chairs are perfect for parents who like to sit on the side lines.

Noisemakers-Let your promo products do the talking and use noisemakers to help drum up school spirit in the stadium, gym or on the field. 4AllPromos carries everything from thundersticks, to cowbells, to megaphones and more.

Tattoos- Opt for a temporary way to show your pride with a temporary tattoo. 4AllPromos can make custom tattoos of mascots and school names. These are great for pep rallys, Friday night games or spirit week!

Call one our friendly product specialist today to place your school spirit order today!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fetch Fun Promo Products at Fall Fairs!

Labor Day has come and gone and now it's time to start thinking about Fall festivities. Fairs are a big part of the allure of Fall. Food, rides, entertainment attract hundreds of tourists during the months of September and October.

4AllPromos has tons of products that are perfect for the Fall from apples, to pumpkins, to prize-winning ribbons and other fair swag. Fairs bring out vendors from all over the state so what a better way to bring attention to your product or services than with custom imprinted Fall giveaways from 4AllPromos.

4AllPromos Fall promo products are colorful, practical and affordable. Simply type in the keyword
'fair' at the top of our website to view all the possibilities.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sea World Says Goodbye to Plastic Bags

The campaign to eliminate plastic shopping bags has been going on for years now. Slowly but surely many big stores including some major grocery stores have decided to eliminate or charge for plastic bags and instead reward customers for using tote bags.

This week SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment announced they will phase out the use of plastic bags by the Spring of 2013. The company is putting this ban in effect at 10 of their locations across the United States. Instead the parks will offer paper bags made of recycled materials or guests can purchase reusable bags. The company hopes this movement will save close to 4 million plastic bags from being used.

4AllPromos loves tote bags, in fact, custom imprinted and recycled tote bags are our biggest selling item. Customers love reusable tote bags because they can be used over and over and for so many different things. Tote bags are great for giveaways and swag promotions. 4AllPromos offers dozens of different kinds of reusable tote bags including ones with zippers, insulation, pockets and more.

Offer your customer's buying incentives and discounts for using reusable tote bags and start a revolution in your community. Reusable tote bags area  must for keeping our earth green and prosperous. 4AllPromos supports businesses green efforts. Visit our tote bag and Earth-Friendly sections to view more recycled products.