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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bags banned in California

Big news out of California this week, the city of Los Angeles in a 13-1 vote banned single use plastic bags. The city is now the largest area in the U.S. to ban these kinds of bags. The vote is expect to impact around 7,500 retail stores. The ordinance which is expected to be adopted formally later this year will give stores a 6-month period to phase out the use of plastic bags and encourage customers to bring or buy their own reusable shopping totes.

4AllPromos has written about the plastic bag dilemma in the past as close to 74 cities in the United States have opted to enforce similar restrictions on shoppers. Not only does 4AllPromos care about the environment but we also agree that reusable shopping bags are cost effective for shoppers and businesses a like. Also, the reusable and recycled bags are a great way to advertise.

4AllPromos carries 100 of different kinds of reusable shopping bags perfect for any kind of shopping. Some of our bags even have zippers and insulation to ensure products stay safe and hot or cool during transport.

If your company, business or community is looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly consider reusable shopping bags from 4AllPromos. They an easy way to make a different and will last way longer than those flimsy, cheap plastic shopping bags.

Do you part to be green!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Start summer with 5 must-have products from 4AllPromos

We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend! Summer has officially begun and it's time to start shopping for those must have items like sunscreen, beach towels and party items. 4AllPromos has promotional products and custom imprinted items for every summer event including parades, weddings, family reunions or the shelves at your seasonal shop. 4AllPromos has everything you and your customers, clients and guests need for a fun summer.

Here's our picks for top 5 must have promotional products for the summer:

1. Sunglasses- Protect your eyes out on the eyes seas or during lazy day at the beach or by the pool with our selection of stylish sunglasses.

2. Sunscreen- Don't ruin a fun day with a bad sunburn. Sunscreen is a great promotional product at summer festivals, concerts and carnivals. Imprint your business logo on the bottle and hand out to summer-goers.

3. Beach towels-4AllPromos has small, large, striped and colorful imprinted towels that are perfect at the pool or the beach. Many towels even fold up so they are easy to carry around all summer long.

4. Beach chairs- Take a seat out in the sun this summer in one of 4AllPromos many beach chairs. Take your chair to the beach, fireworks, a concert or a picnic.

5. Cooler/lunchbox- Stay healthy and save money this summer by taking your meals to go. 4AllPromos has coolers and lunchboxes in all shapes and sizes to help keeps snacks and picnics cool.

Visit or call us toll-free at 1-866-732-3386 to place your summer order today!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Go on a picnic with 4AllPromos!

It's perfect picnic weather! It's time to pick a park, pack a lunch and play with friends. With Memorial Day just around the corner 4AllPromos wants to remind customers about the many fun and useful outdoor products we offer!

Not sure what you need for the perfect picnic? Not to worry the promotional products specialists at 4AllPromos have you covered! Here are our picks for the top 3 must have picnic essentials.

1. A cooler or picnic basket. Keep your food cold in one 4AllPromos custom imprinted coolers. Bring beer, sandwiches or even a hot dish to your family or work picnic this summer in one of our insulated coolers.

2. Blanket or beach chair. Create a comfy spot in the grass with a picnic blanket or lawn chair from 4AllPromos. Picnic blankets are a great gift for graduating seniors or maybe for a company picnic. Beach and outdoor folding chairs are a simple way to carry seating on the go for an outdoor concert, little league game or garden party.

3. A game. Keeps guests and kids entertained with fun outdoor games. 4AllProms has frisbees, balls and other games to liven up your outdoor picnic.

Don't forget to visit our outdoor section to find more products for your perfect picnic!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stay hydrated with sports bottles from 4AllPromos

Summer sports can take a lot out of you. It's important to stay hydrated no matter what you are doing outdoors. Experts advise that people drink about 8 glasses of water a day to stay properly hydrated; but sweating in the summer heat can deplete your electrolytes and make you more proned to dyhyration.

4AllPromos has hundreds of sport bottles perfect for preserving a cold beverage in the summer heat. So weather you like water, ice tea, lemonade, Gatorade or juice keep your thirst quenched in one of our stylish and practical sport bottles. All bottles can be custom imprinted with your logo!

Sport bottles also make a great giveaway for summer camp kids, concert goers, amusement patrons and more. 4AllPromos make durable sports bottles made of aluminum and plastic and all are materials are BPA free so they are good for you and the environment.

Not shopping for a sports bottle? 4AllPromos also has a large selection of other custom imprinted drinkware including tumblers, coffee mugs, travel mugs, stadium cups, thermoses and more. Take your beverage (hot or cold) on the go this summer!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Award season is among us

As the school year wraps up many outstanding students, staff and faculty members are being honored for their hard work during this past school year. It's important to highlight the achieve of both the students and the school staff throughout the year to help build morale and take time out to appreciate everyone hard work.

Did you know 4AllPromos a selection of custom imprinted and professional awards, ribbons and pins? That's right-celebrate the achievements of your schools sports teams, scholars and distinguished faculty with one our special custom imprinted awards.

Here are just a few of our favorite gifts for all those hard working employees and students out there.

1. Coluna Diamond Award- This metal, diamond shaped award is great for adults who have made a difference in their community or workplace. The award displays nicely in one's office and can be specially laser engraved with a person's name and achievement.
2. Custom Rosette- These ribbons are great for county fairs in the summer, school athletes and other first, second or third place contestant.
 3. Scholastic Award Pins- These pins are great for top students. This small pins make great mementos and can be pinned on any article of clothing.

To learn more about the different types of custom imprinted awards offered by 4AllPromos please visit our Awards section or simply type 'award' into the search box in the upper right hand corner of our site.

And don't forget to share your achievements and products with us on the 4AllPromos Facebook page.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pintrest has people talking

If you're up on your social networking you know Pinterest is working its' way up the ladder as one of the most powerful social networks on the planet. Pinterest allows users to search recipes, fashion, home improvement ideas, pets and even many more areas of interest and 'pin' their favorite ideas to boards for their friends to see and share.

Now many companies are getting in on the Pinterest buzz and posting their owns ideas and products to the site in and effort to get customers and prospective buyers talking.

The video above from Counselor Magazine gives some helpful hints on how to use Pinterest for your business. Here are some of the most helpful tips:

Bring the Wow Factor- Upload vivid or specific products. Don't use stock photos instead enlist the help of a creative photographer to give your products the 'Wow' factor or maybe set up products in a unique setting to help highlight their purpose.

Provide a link- Remember to provide a link to your website or blog to help flow traffic to your business and help increase sales. Embed a Pinterest button on your website show visitors can share fun ideas and products.

Categorize ideas- Make sure your products and ideas are being put into the right categories to allows users who are searching to find your products fast and easy.

Follow the leader- Interact with the most popular Pinners and suggest products and ideas from other Pinners to help get people to follow you. It's important to know who the key players are as Pinterest's popularity is continuing to grow at a record pace.

Good luck Pinning!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Start Stocking Up for Summer

Have you started looking for a summer job or summer help yet? Memorial Day is almost a month away and summer snack shacks, parks, and beaches are gearing up for sun worshippers and tourists. It's time to start stocking the shelves with all the summer necessities like sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, water bottles and vacation mementos like picture frames, key chains, t-shirts and more!

Do all your summer shopping at We have everything business owners will need to get ready for the busiest season of the year. At 4AllPromos you can order everything you need in bulk to help keep your inventory moving until Fall rolls around. The more you buy the less each product costs!

The friendly product specialists at 4AllPromos can help you shop for the latest and greatest products that will get customers through the door.

Don't just shop for customers, 4AllPromos has products for your business too. We stock aprons, t-shirts, floor mats, signs, shopping bags and more to help get your business looking fresh for the new season. These products can be custom imprinted with your business name and logo.

Time's running out! Get in the summer spirit and start stocking up!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

4AllPromos walks for MS!

4AllPromos is often looking for ways to reach out to the community and get involved in fundraising efforts. We print thousands of products such as tote bags, water bottles, awareness bracelets and t-shirts for charity walks and events throughout the year. Our ambitious employees created a team for the Multiple Sclerosis Walk in Clinton, Ct on April 22 in honor of one of our favorite employees who struggles with the disease.

It's important not only for individuals but for organizations to get behind causes that are important to them. Businesses have more of an opportunity to support important charity projects through sponsorship, partnership and customer relations. Promotional products, of course, are a great way to rally customers and clients to donate to a cause. Use holidays, milestones or even nice days to help spread cheer and race funds for important local and national causes. Your customer's will appreciate your efforts to help make the world a better place for us all!

Has your business, school or neighborhood participated in local or national fundraising efforts? Tell 4AllPromos how you used our promotional products to help raise money for an important charity, post a picture to our Facebook page and receive 10% of your next order!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Walk or Run for a Cause

The warm weather is a great time to host or participate in a road race or charity walk/run. Not only do these event help motivate your regular workout they also help to support important local and nationwide charities that rely on fundraisers like road races to help get the word out and recruit support for their cause.

The Boston Marathon might not be your speed but there are plenty of events in your towns, cities and states that are helping to get runners and walkers to hit the pavement and drum up support for organizations helping to raise funds and awareness for cancer, autism, heart disease, domestic violence protection and much, much more. Check out Running in the USA to find some local races.

Running or walking in such events is not only great exercise but it also helps us stay focused on our goals, helps us to make new friends and allows us to be an active member in our community. Plus, you may even get a free t-shirt!

4AllPromos is proud to help your company or organization motivate customers, clients and the community to get out there and show support for their favorite charity or civic organization.

Promotional products and custom imprinted products are a great way to drum up support and entice people to get involved in your special event. T-shirts, sport bottles, key chains, stickers and towels all make great giveaways at athletic events. They are also affordable items to give away to participants or volunteers.

Help promote your cause with promotional products.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

New Study Shows Skin Cancer is on the Rise

Do you GTL? You know, Gym-Tan-Laundry? Well if you do you should stop the middle part! A new study by the Mayo Clinic shows skin cancer among young people is dramatically on the rise. 

The tanning trend took off years back when Hollywood beauties started sporting the bronzed look on the red carpet and at award shows. Tanning salons popped up everywhere and teens everywhere flocked to the booths in an effort to emulate their favorite starlets. Popular shows like Jersey shore, Real Housewives and Jerseylicious all bring attention to the tanning trend. 

Tanning booths can cause cancer similar to or even worse than the actual sun. Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, has increased 8-fold for women ages 18 to 29 in the past couple of years. In 2009, tanning beds were declared a carcinogen by the International Agency of Research on Cancer and are now considered to be as dangerous as cigarettes. 

Obviously, the sun is out and summer is around the corner and it's time to highlight the importance of sunscreen, hats, umbrellas and sunglasses to help product you and your loved ones from sun damage. 4AllPromos loves the summer but we know it's important to stay safe and product your precious skin and eyes from UV rays while your out enjoying the beach, the pool, a baseball game or time in the park.

Sunscreen and outdoor apparel make great promotional products during the sunny months. Hand out small sunscreen samples at concerts, water parks, playground, road races and more to help raise awareness about the important of sun protection. There are so many products that can help protect us without hindering our fun.