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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Promotional Products for Prom

It's that time of year again. The school year is wrapping up and juniors and seniors everywhere are preparing for one of the most important nights of their lives: Prom. So parents, it's time to start planning. 4AllPromos is your #1 source for promotional products for prom! We have hundreds of fun, colorful and inexpensive products to help you pull together any prom theme.

  • Key chains- Give the class of 2012 something they can keep forever. A sterling silver, brushed metal key chain engraved with their school name or graduation year will help them remember that magical night for years to come. 4AllPromos has a large selection of sophisticated key chains. 
  • Drinkware- Help the graduating class cheer their special night with custom imprinted glassware or have some fun with some stadium cups. Fill the glasses with candy wrapped in school colors to make the gift even more special. 
  • Picture frames- Custom engraved picture frames are a great way to capture memories. Students will look back at their Prom pictures will fond memories in that special frame. 
  • Sunglasses- The sun doesn't have to be out to wear a cool pair of shades. 4AllPromos has Ray Ban inspired shades that will make everyone feel cool. Plus the stylish shades can be worn elsewhere throughout the year!
  • Bubbles- Celebrate with bubbles. Bubbles are a fun and harmless that help contribute to the party atmosphere. 
  • Candy- Decorate the tables with custom imprinted candy. 4AllPromos has custom shaped chocolate, mints, lollipops, gummy candy and more. Wake up the crowd with sugar so they can dance the night away.
Let the product specialists at 4AllPromos help you plan the perfect Prom!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Why You Should Really Try Yoga...

Sometimes yoga gets a bad wrap. This form of exercise and meditation is not just for crunchy folks. In fact, yoga has many, many health benefits. The health movement in the United States has picked up in the past decade and new forms of exercise are popping up all over the nation.

There are so many different kinds of yoga there has to be a yoga class for everyone from busy moms who want to bring their babies along, to top notch professional athletes who want to improve their endurance, to grandparents looking to improve their flexibility after an injury.

There are 4 primary reasons to try yoga (According to the Mayo Clinic):

1. Stress reduction-Yoga can help even the busiest person zone out for even just an hour a day. The practice of yoga helps you channel your energy and attention elsewhere, focus on your breathing and help relax and any tension throughout the body. Concentrating on ones breath can help lower the heart rate, blood pressure and alleviate stress.

2. Increased fitness- Numerous yoga poses help improve flexibility and blood flow throughout the body. The gentle movements help with balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. Yoga is a great warm up or cool down for athletes who need to give their body some TLC.

3. Management of chronic health conditions- Yoga can help manage symptoms related to depression, cancer, pain, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, mood, heart rate and blood pressure.

4. Weight loss-Strengthening your body throughout yoga helps you to become more aware of the many muscles and bones in your body. Gentle yoga may be a great way to get back into a regular exercise routine.

4AllPromos supports an active lifestyle that is why we carrying such a wide selection of sports related products such as yoga mats (and duffle bags that carry yoga mats), sport bottles, towels, outdoor products and games.

Encourage your customers and clients to live a healthy, active lifestyle by supplying them with custom imprinted, fitness-related, promotional products from 4AllPromos!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day is April 22

We realize we are a little late on this post; nonetheless, we'd like to remind our customer's about the importance of being kind to the world we live in. This Sunday (April 22) is Earth Day. However, everyday can be Earth Day if you take the proper steps to ensuring you as an individual are being kind to Mother Nature.

4AllPromos carries hundreds of earth-friendly and recycled promotional products to help Green, earth-conscious customers advertise their services and remind customers of the importance of helping the planet.    4AllPromos carries everything from tote bags made from recycled materials, BPA free sport bottles, sticky notes made from recycled paper, earth friendly apparel and even green tools and giveaways!

  • Shop local- Try farmers markets, farmstands or plant your own garden and swap your crops with friends!
  • Use reusable bags- Recycled tote bags have many purposes and are great for grocery shopping. Each bag carries twice as much as those thin plastic bags most stores supply.
  • Donate electronics- Find a local program that collects old TV's, iPods or radios. These programs will help dispose of these electronics properly to help avoid environmental contamination. 
  • Carpool, walk or bike to work- Do you live closeby to work? Find other ways to get their like walking or hoping your bike. Start a carpool with local neighbors and take turns shuffling people around. 
  • Adjust the thermostat- Is your home temperature controlled? There are so many websites that can help you find simple tips and tricks to help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer without using too much electricity. 
How many out of those five tips do you actually do? Try to add one more to your list to help make a difference this year! 

Are you doing something fun, different and exciting for Earth Day 2012 in your school, neighborhood or community? Share it with 4AllPromos on our Facebook page and receive 10% off your next order of earth friendly products. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fire Up the Farmer's Markets

Spring has arrived and that means it's time for local farmers to start harvesting so they can sell their goodies at local farmer's markets around the country. From fresh fruit to cheese to flowers farmer's markets offer everything you need to serve up healthy and affordable meals all spring and summer (and maybe even for a little bit of the fall too!).

Farmers, organizers and customers should prepare for their shopping trips with custom imprinted tote bags from 4AllPromos. We have a huge variety of bags including big ones, small ones, insulated ones, recycled ones and more! You can't shop at a farmer's market and expect paper or plastic! Help the environment and your local growers by bringing your own bags. Custom tote bags are a great way to advertise too! Help spread the word and the movement by giving out free bags to new customers or customer's who spend over a certain amount.

Here's a look at some of our favorite tote bags for this year's farmer's markets:

Therm-O-Tote Reusable Tote

Keep dairy products such as milk, cheese or even ice cream colder long in this insulated tote bag complete with a zipper top. This bag can be custom imprinted with a full color design too and will help to attract attention from other shoppers. Don't let your precious local goodies spoil while you shop!

Vineyard 4 Bottle Wine Bag

Some of the best wine is local wine. Stock up on some of your favorite bottles at the farmer's market with this 4 bottles wine holder tote. The individual pockets help keep the bottles safe while you're walking around. This tote is also perfect for a picnic, party or trip to the vineyard!

Laminated Recycled Shopper

Clean up spills or condensation quickly in these laminated tote bags made from recycled materials. This product kills two birds with one stone it won't get dirty and it's good for the environment. Plus you can custom imprinted your business name on both sides of the bag! Starting at just $2.95 they are quite a steal!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Post Office Promotes New Products for Small Businesses

If you're a small business chances are you contact customers with mass mailings several times a year for your biggest events or sales. As we all know postage has gone up significantly in the past several years due to the cost of gas as well as the loss of business in light of the convenience of e-mail.

4AllPromos does a lot of mass mailings. We send out samples, catalogs, customer gifts and friendly reminders about re-orders or new and exciting products or buying opportunities. That's why were exciting to read about some of the new and exciting offerings by the United States Postal Service due to be available in mid-April. The post office knows small businesses are vital to the American economy so they have instituted some more convenient and cost effective ways for businesses to reach out to customers and help give businesses a more competitive edge.

The Every Door Direct Mail program is a web-based service that allows businesses to produce mailings without names or addresses to be delivered in a specific neighborhood. Each piece of mail costs on .15 cents (various sizes included). Just like Facebook or Twitter this method allows businesses to reach a certain zone they want to target. Maybe you run a farmer's market and want to target the customers that can walk to the market.  Maybe you want to reach an older audience living in an active retirement community or parents who live in a certain school zone. This feature allows you to cater to their shopping needs.

The second offering is called Click-N-Shop and includes a downloadable desktop application that helps businesses who produce 10 to 100 items of mail a day. The idea of Click-N-Shop is to help businesses boost efficiency.

Mail marketing is still considered to have a good return on investment. It's wise to keep up with the changing trends and offering by all mail competitors to help keep your business budget on track.

For more information on these new offerings visit the United States Postal Service website.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Take 10% Off Stress Balls this Tax Season

Have you finished your taxes? Don’t forget the tax deadline is April 17 this year so time is running out. 4AllPromos wants to help customers stay stress free during the busy tax season by offering 10% off all stress balls through the month of April.

Stress balls have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries to help stimulate the Chi or energy throughout the body similar to acupressure or acupuncture. Modern stress balls help strengthen muscles in the hand and forearm and can help relieve muscle tension.

The fun thing about modern stress balls is that they come in all shapes, sizes and color and are the perfect promotional product for almost any business. Tax professionals may want to consider handing them out to potential customers.  4AllPromos has stress balls in the shape of money, calculators, smiley faces, the Statue of Liberty, the American Flag and many, many more fun shapes and objects. Stress balls are one of 4AllPromos most popular-selling promotional products.

Nowadays stress balls can be used in all kinds of settings including on an airplane, at a hospital, in the office or even on the couch. Stress balls come in handy during anytime where anxiety or stress may be affecting daily life.

Many doctors and health organizations support the use of stress balls on a regular bases because of their stress relieving qualities. So many people lead busy lives with busy schedules so it’s important to find ways to help redirect stress and anxiety into positive energy and productiveness.

Stress balls aren’t the only useful promotional product to consider during the busy tax season. 4AllPromos has calculators, notebooks, pens, pencils, portfolios and folders that can all be custom imprinted with useful tax tips, CPA names and tax business information. Be creative and help get customers in the door this tax season with enticing promotional products that help say thank you for your business.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tablet sales take off

In mid-March Apple released the new iPad and sold 3 million devices in 3 days! Tablets have become so easy to use and carry that everyone has to get their hands on one. The laptop is becoming too clunky, outdated and impractical for all of us people who are always on the go. According to Pew research from January of 2012 only 19 percent of Americans owned tablets; however, post new iPad launch those numbers must have climbed significantly.

Tablets are now used by doctors and medical professionals, hostess and waiters, students and even some animals like to play the occasional Fruit Ninja.

As we mention time and time again in this blog it is so, so important for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the retail industry. 4AllPromos regularly revises their inventory to provide the most current, fun, creative and engaging promotional products for their customers and clients. We know more than ever offer a large inventory of computer, tablet and iPad cases for custom imprinting. These kinds of promotional products are great for trade shows, technology seminars and for higher education open houses, accepted student days or other collegiate events.

Most of these cases are made from neoprene a durable and very protective material that will shelter your value tablet from scratches or that long journey in your book bag.

4AllPromos friendly product specialists can help  you select the right case, color and custom imprinted color for your tablet. Give us a call today to start shopping!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make...

We all know how tough it is to be a small business these days. Although the economy is tough many small communities have come together to support local shopping efforts. The government even gives special loans and incentives to people interested in starting a small business. According to only 51 percent of start-up businesses will make it to the 5 year mark.

Don't let your small business fail! Keep up with industry wide trends, try new advertising techniques and keep a bond with your customers. Small businesses can be a great thing for a community. Set an example for other small business owners in the community and encourage residents to shop local and support shop owners. Also, avoid these 5 pitfalls:

1. Spending too much or too little money- Consult with a financial advisor who can help you budget, figure out overhead costs and payroll and keep spending on track.

2. Ignoring the internet or social media- Social media is free! It's also a great way to advertise, reach niche audiences and have a personal conversations with customers. Take a workshop on social media or ask a friend to help you learn the ropes. You'll be amazed at the power of 'word of mouth' advertising on these sites!

3. Know your competitors- Are you a one of a kind company or is your market saturated with competitors? Make sure you do your research and find out ways to make your business more unique than that of the competitor. 

4. Marketing strategy- Create a marketing strategy and don't wear it out too fast. Who is your target audience? Decide what your best advertising avenue is-newspapers, online, social media, radio, billboards, etc. If you have a big enough budget you may even want to consider hiring an outside firm to handle your advertising needs. 

5. Forgetting the customer- The customer always comes first! Sell products to the consumer. Thank repeat customer's and encourage new ones to return with discounts, incentives or maybe even a promotional product!

Let 4AllPromos know what your budget is and help us help you survive in this dog-eat-dog market. We cater to small businesses with a host of affordable and practical promotional products including tote bags, sticky notes, pens, earth-friendly products, apparel and more!