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Friday, March 30, 2012

I never leave home without my __________

You probably filled in the blank with 'cell phone,' right? According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2010 around 83 percent of Americans own a cell phone. This number has probably increased by a decent margin in 2012. Cell phones have become a life line of sorts for many busy Americans. These smart devices can help easily retrieve data such as e-mails, pictures, videos and even an impromptu Google question. Games and millions of apps help stave off boredom while your waiting on an oil change or a doctor appointment. Cell phones also make us safer. The Pew research also indicated that close to 40 percent of cell phones users have used their cell phones during an emergency situation. What did we ever do without these helpful  little gadgets?

Cell Phone Sock with Cord Lanyard 

4AllPromos knows how important it is for our customers to be in touch with the one another and the world, that is why we often adapt our promotional product inventory to reflect the needs of our customers.  4AllPromos has a large inventory of fun, practical and smart cell phone related accessories. These kinds of items such as cell phone holders, chargers, lanyards and cases make great giveaways at trade shows or expos. Every working professional needs to have easy accessibility to their phone and smart promotional products can help them do that.

Cell Phone and Business Card Holder

Cell phone companies are becoming highly competitive as smart phones become more and more advanced and more necessary to everyday life. Promote your cell phone company with custom shaped chocolate, magnets or sticky notes from 4AllPromos and give yourself the competitive edge.

Media Lounger

Giver your customer's what they really  need. Custom imprinted cell phone accessories are a great way to show your customer's how your business can adapt during these fast paced times.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good News for Small Businesses

New research from the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI) has found that small businesses contributed to the February job gain around the U.S. Unemployment is down and that's because local businesses are gaining momentum and confidence to continue to build their brands and reach out to their communities.

According to Automatic Data Processing Inc. the private sector added 216,000 jobs in February of 2012. Many economists suggests this is a good sign that things are improving in our economy.

Do you own a small business? Hopefully things have improved for you in 2012 and/or you have grown and hired more qualified employees. Why is it that local businesses have grown so much this year as opposed to larger ones with more means to expand and invest in capital growing measures such as advertising, contracts and increased payroll? Perhaps social media, local advertising and the shop local movement have contributed to small business success.

Many communities encourage residents to 'shop local' and support their local chefs, artisans and Mom and Pop shops. This campaign makes sense to those who are unemployed and do not wish to travel far to run their errands. In some cases small businesses are less expensive in an effort to keep up with bigger competition.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are obviously free but have high traffic and allow customers to direct interact with businesses, friends and potential customers to get the word out. These sites also allow the businesses themselves to directly advertise to niche audiences.

Small investments in advertising such as promotional products can also help small businesses to gain momentum. Custom imprinted promotional products are affordable 'moving advertising' that gets customers in the doors for special 'free items' and shopping incentives. Promotional products are also great giveaways at town-wide events such as concerts, fairs, farmer's markets and carnivals.

As the warm weather starts to heat up think about ways to promote your small businesses and get customers talking about your business and then get them in the door. 4AllPromos loves to help small businesses promote themselves. Call one our products specialists today to find the perfect tote bag, frisbee, sticky note, pen, water bottle or t-shirt to advertise your business this spring and summer!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Why promotional products are good for non-profits

Unless you have been living under a rock this past month you've at least heard of the Kony 2012 viral video. The video is a plea for the arrest of Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony who uses children to fight the violent war in Africa. The video helps raises awareness about Invisible Children Inc. and urges it's audience to donate to help save these children from the violence. Thanks to it's well-produced message it has now taken the top honor as the most viewed viral video of all time (more than 77 million to date). Times have changed and charities and outreach groups must work to be creative in spreading their message. Videos, social networking and mobile applications all have the capability of spreading like wildfire if executed correctly. However, perhaps one of the oldest forms of advertising, promotional products, also help non-profits and charitable organizations carry out their message. 

4AllPromos knows how to make a small budget stretch a long way. Promotional products are one of the most cost-effective ways for organizations with small budgets to reach their target audiences. The great thing about promotional products is that they can last a life time. Supporters will drink out of their mug, wear a t-shirt or carry a tote bag on a daily basis. Videos and social networking can only get you so far but promotional products help go that extra mile when it comes to fundraising. Give a gift with every donation! 

Here are a few simple ways to help spread your special message to the masses:

·       Awareness bracelets- These rubber bracelets took off with Lance Armstrong's Livestrong campaign but now they come in so many different colors and patterns. They are inexpensive and stylish!

·       Bumper stickers-Take your message out on the road with a catchy saying and brightly colored bumper sticker. They come in all shapes and colors to attract the attention of potential donors.

·       Shirts/apparel- Make a fashion statement with a t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt or even a sweatband. People love to advertise with custom imprinted apparel that sends a message.

·       Tote bags- Everyone needs a durable bag for work, the gym or traveling. An imprinted bag can literally serve as a walking billboard. 

·       Sports bottles- Athletes, gym rats and yogis will appreciate a BPA free and colorful water bottles to help them stay hydrated and involved. 

·       Earth friendly products- Environmentally friendly products are all the rage right now. Show your audience how much you car by protecting the environment and their surrounding with everything from pens to bags to waterbottles to sticky notes

Make your important message viral with promotional products from 4AllPromos. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Choose your pen wisely!

Did you know a person's handwriting can say a lot about their personality? It's true there are experts dedicated to this topic hired by the FBI, historical organizations and the police. According to an article in Real Simple magazine, handwriting experts can discern, more than 5,000 personality traits from justa  few written words. Handwriting can identify if we are lazy, organized, in a rush or maybe even a little crazy. 4AllPromos isn't calling you crazy, we are just saying that some people will argue a good pen makes all the difference in one's John Hancock. And guess what, 4AllPromos specializes in pens and pens are one of our top selling promotional products.

Slanted: If your words slant to the right you are open to the world and you like to socialize with  other people. However, if your words slant to the left you typically like to work alone. And, if you are right handed but your words slant to the left you are probably a rebellion.

Size: If your letters are large than you probably have a personality to match. Conversely, if your letters are small you might be shy and introverted. Average size letters indicate a person who is well adjusted and adaptable. (This one is pretty straightforward!)

Loops: If you loop your 'L's' than you are spontaneous and relaxed and like to express yourself. If you loop your capital 'E's' than you have an open mind and like to try new things.

So there you have it, those a just a few examples of how you can judge a person by their handwriting. So now it's time to find the perfect pen to compliment, better express or perhaps hide your personality.

4AllPromos has hundreds of pens perfect for custom imprinting and great for handing out at your next writing workshop, conference or other event where attendees may want to take some notes. We even have corporate pens, perfect for those important meetings with a future employer or the big boss.

Not sure which pen looks right for you? Order a sample from us today!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get Mad About Promotional Products in March!

It's March and that means lots and lots of basketball. Whether it be with brackets, at the bar, at the game or with promotional products there are so many ways to celebrate the madness. 4AllPromos loves sports and sports fans. Shop our school spirit sections to peruse our large selection of sports related and school spirit promotional products. Schools, bars and restuarants might all want to consider basketball related promotional products to rally fans during the exciting month of March.

Here are just few of our favorite promo products for March Madness!

There's nothing like the roar of a crowd during a basketball game. Help rev up the crowd with these powerful thunder sticks. Your team will feel the support of the crowd through the roaring thunder of these enthusiastic inflatable sticks.

Stress relievers
Are you a superstitious fan? Help ease the stress during important games with basketball stress balls.

Stadium cushions
Are you going to be spending long hours glued to the the TV or maybe you are going to attend one of your favorite teams games  in the flesh! Stay comfortable with these stadium cushions.

Join the madness with 4AllPromos and order some promotional products for your fans, friends and family!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Do you wear you sunglasses at night?

The weather is getting warmer and that means many of us will be spending more and more time outside. It's great to get out of the house, soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh air but it's also important to remember to take the proper precautions when spending time in the great outdoors. Sunblock and bug spray are a given but do you remember to wear sunglasses? Did you know sunglasses can protect your eyes from debris, cataract issues and other vision issues? It's true sunglasses don't only make you look cool they also protect you!

Sunglasses are an excellent promotional products to bring out at spring and summer events. You can custom imprint your logo and business name on various parts of the sunglasses and help keep customers safe during their active summer schedules. 4AllPromos has a variety of colorful, fun and affordable sunglasses that make great giveaways at Proms, concerts, road races, festivals and farmer markets. 

Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons you should consider wearing sunglasses all year round:

1. Sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet rays have been known to cause cataracts and macular degeneration. 

2. Sunglasses reduce glare. Sunglasses are great for athletes who spend time on the water or in the snow. Reducing glare help keeps your activities safer.

3. Sunglasses protect your eyes from dust, debris and wind. If you spend time working outside, hiking, laying on the beach chances are there can be things flying around where you are. Protect your eyes from foreign objects that could scratch your eyes or effect your contact lenses with glasses.

4. Sunglasses can reduce eye strain and headaches. Squinting can cause eyes strain or headaches. Simply avoid these issues with a stylish pair of glasses.

5. Sunglasses improve vision. Bright lights can be bad for your eyes. Sunglasses help preserve your vision longer!

Convinced yet? Call a 4AllPromos product specialist today to place your sunglasses order today!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Make a list...check it twice

According a recent article in Prevention Magazine 75 percent of Americans keep To-Do lists. Lists are a great way to stay organized and keep your thoughts, goals and errands in order. Where do you keep your lists? Sticky notes, notebooks, memo boards, padfolios, calendars and other office supplies can help you keep your lists in order.

4AllPromos specializes in practical promotional products. We have a large assortment of paper products and office supplies that can help busy professionals keep their agendas moving in the right direction.

Whether you are keeping track of meetings, calories or your children's after-school activities there is a list-making product for you. 4AllPromos has a large selection of calendars that fit in your pocket, book bag, or on your refrigerator.

Does your mind wander while you're at work? Keep sticky notes on hand for those last-minute reminders.

Need help keeping track of homework assignments or business meetings. Carry an sleek appointment book in your briefcase or school bag.

Keep track of the groceries you need with an adhesive memo board for your fridge or kitchen wall.

Make a list and then when you have completed your task, cross it off! You will feel accomplished and stress free.

Here is Prevention's list of 7 Reason Why To-Do Lists Keep You Happy...

1. Gain Control
2. Maximize Brainpower
3. Make Tough Decisions
4. Beat a Slump
5. Find Motiviation
6. Achieve Balance
7. Feel Joy Everyday

 Let 4AllPromos keep you and your clients or customers organized. Shop our website for a large assortment of custom imprinted office supplies and encourage customers to keep a shopping or wish list of your products on promotional sticky notes! 

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

99 Promotional Balloons...

Anyone get the 1980's reference? Ninety-nine red balloons was a big song back in it's day; but ever since they were invented in 1824, balloons have been popular with kids and adults and used at all kinds of special events from weddings to Bat Mitzvah's to birthday parties.

4AllPromos recently started carrying promotional balloons and have found them to be very popular with our customers. They are great for open houses at schools, homes or around town. You can print virtually anything in any color on a promotional balloon.

Getting married this spring or summer? Decorate your venue with custom imprinted balloons with your special date printed on each floating decoration. Is someone celebrating a milestone birthday such as the Sweet 16? Celebrate the big day with printed balloons! Prom season is just around the corner order your custom imprinted balloons for as low as .39 cents.

You don't even have to blow up balloons to use them. Hosting a sorority or fraternity event? Fill up custom imprinted water balloons to tease the pledges! Water balloons are a fun way to enjoy a hot summer day or fun school-sponsored event. You can play around with balloons in many ways! 

Just like all other promotional products balloons are a great way to advertise both indoors and outdoors. They make great giveaways for children and help fill up a room with cheer. Call one our product specialists toll-free today at 1-877-257-9725 to place your spring or summer order for party favors and custom imprinted balloons.

What special occasion do you use balloons for?