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Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Well in 2012

The start of a new year is a great time to re-evaluate your living habits, fitness goals and diet. It's a great time to set new goals and resolutions to be the best you can be on a daily basis. Businesses, hospitals, doctors offices, schools and fitness organizations can help to encourage customers, clients, patients and students to be well in 2012 with healthy promotional products such as pedometers, water bottles, tape measures, antibacterial lotion, toothbrushes, pill organizers and much more. 

Here are just a few ideas for promotional products from 4AllPromos that will help your clientele be well in 2012. (Don't see what you are looking for? Call one of our friendly product specialists toll free at 1-866-732-3386 for help searching for products)

GYMS- Everyone likes to hit the gym full throttle in the month of January. Help your customer base stay motivated with fun and useful giveaways:
-Sport bottles
-Tape measures

DOCTORS OFFICES- Being healthy isn't necessarily about exercising but it is important to stay informed about other healthy practices such as eating well, minimizing stress and keeping good relationships. Doctors office are a great place to giveaway promotional products that help reinforce healthy lifestyle practices. 
-Pill organizers
-Promotional brochures
-First aid kits

NON-PROFITS- Help the public think outside the box when it comes to changing up their sedentary or unhappy lifestyles. Encourage folks to discover new talents and hobbies, get outdoors and move, get a pet, travel or get involved in their community. 
-Cooking utensils

Be creative with your products and custom imprints. 4AllPromos has graphic artists on staff that can help customers create or modify artwork. Help inspire your customer base and help everyone stay well in 2012.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

4 reasons t-shirts make the best promotional product

We've hashed this topic out before: everyone loves a free t-shirt. The promotional product specialists at 4AllPromos concur that t-shirts are pretty much one of the best promotional products out there. Now, it's still a little too chilly to be sporting short sleeves; it is not too early to get your orders in for your spring events.

Here are the 4 reasons we think t-shirts are the perfect promotional product:

1. Color selection- T-shirts come in virtually any color of the rainbow to help compliment any promotion or special event that calls for a fun piece of apparel.

2. Quick turnaround- T-shirts can generally be received within two or three weeks of placing your order. So if you plan an event somewhat on the fly the t-shirts can be there quickly!

3. More imprint options- There is a lot of room to print or embroider your message on a t-shirt. Use the back, the front, the side or the sleeve. Also, print text, graphics or QR codes!

4. Great advertising- A t-shirt is an item that can be worn over and over again and for years and years. People treasure t-shirts as special mementos from certain special events in their lives. Chances are your t-shirt will be seen by hundreds and hundreds of people and virtually serve as a walking billboard.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your spring t-shirt orders today!

Not sure about sizes, colors or imprints? Give one of our friendly product specialists a call today toll-free at 1-866-732-3386 to discuss your options!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Show your customers how much you love them in Feburary

We've already addressed that February is National Heart Month but Valentines Day is also fast approaching. 4AllPromos has a slew of fun and cute heart-shaped promotional products. Here's a look at just a few of our favorites:

Morph Sac Heart Tote
The stylish and functional tote bag folds up into an adorable little heart for easy storage. Imprint on the bag and on the special fold up case as well!

Emissary Click Pen-Heart Theme
This cute pen is a perfect Valentine's Day giveaway! Imprint your message on the top of the pen's metal shaft. This professional pen is also great for a doctor's office or hospital.

Chocolate Hearts
Who doesn't love chocolate for Valentines Day? These sweet little chocolates come in a reusable tin complete with imprint.

Heart Shaped Clip
This magnetic clip is perfect for sticking on filing cabinets, the fridge or anywhere you need to post a reminder!

Custom Heart Lollipops
Choose from lollipops, conversation hearts, candy hearts and of course chocolate for your special clients and customers. 4AllPromos has a large selection of candy perfect for Valentines Day.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Promote pets!

According to a recent Gallup poll 6 in 10 Americans own some type of pet. February is Responsible Pet Owners Month. Animal shelters, rescue organizations, veterinarian hospitals, pet shops and other pet related organizations should use the month of February to bring awareness to the responsibilities associated with owning a pet. Promotional products from 4AllPromos are the perfect way to promote animal related organizations and create a dialogue about responsible pet ownership.

There are 3 very important things you should do as a responsible pet owner:

1. Become educated. Before buying a pet do your research about what they need and what kinds of personalities they can have. Also, if you are getting a dog be sure to sign up for obedience classes. Dogs and owners both learn things from these kinds of classes. 

2. Feed them healthy food. Each pet has certain dietary needs. Avoid 'people' food because it can contribute to weight gain and may make the animal sick. 

3. Keep them fit. Pets, just like humans, need exercise. Some dog breeds may require up to an hour of exercise a day. Use your pet to help keep you fit too! 

Promotional products can help spread awareness in the community about the importance of caring properly for domesticated animals. It is a crime to neglect or harm an animal. Many animals have suffered neglect during these tough economic times as families struggle to keep their homes and feed themselves. 4AllPromos wants to help bring awareness to responsible pet ownership by encouraging animal organizations, businesses and non-profits to market this nationally recognized campaign with promotional products. 

Visit the 4AllPromos Pet Store to shop for pet bowls, food scoopers, leashes, collars, toys and other friendly pet giveaways all year round. Give pet owners a friendly reminder local animal related businesses and organizations with promotional magnets, key chains, pens, sports bottles or other simple custom imprinted products. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Take our survey!

Answer 10 questions and get a $10 Starbucks card! Easy enough-right? In an effort to learn more about what our customers want and need we are asking our promotional product shoppers to take some time out of their day to complete this easy survey at

Be honest about your shopping experience on We launched our site on a new platform at the end of December in an effort to make the shopping experience easier for our customers. The new site allows us to customize the website more easily to help customers find exactly what it is they are looking for. 4AllPromos offers more than 15,000 promotional products for any business, school, non-profit or other special event.

As always tell us what you want, need and what you are doing with your products through social media. 4AllPromos can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on this blog. We love to hear from customers and see our products in action!

We would really appreciate your honest feedback as we have lots of plans for the future and we want to keep our customers coming back and spreading the word about all 4AllPromos has to offer.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Have a heart in February

Did you know February is American Heart Month? The month long observance helps bring awareness to heart disease, high blood pressure and heart health. Promotional products are a great way to bring awareness to these important causes. Heart disease is the number one cause of death among Americans. So it is important to education our nation about the risks involved in poor eating, lack of exercise and smoking.

February 4th is Wear Red Day. Many workplaces and schools take part in this event by asking employees to wear red and make a donation to the American Heart Association to help support research and community programs.

What do you do for American Heart Month? Consider some fun and useful promotional products to give to employees or customers. Don't forget February 14th is Valentines Day and another great reason to support American Heart Month and protect the ones you love.

Here is a list of just some of the promotional products that come in the shape of hearts from 4AllPromos. To learn more about 4AllPromos heart-shaped or red promotional products visit and use the search term 'heart' or 'valentine' or call us toll-free at 1-866-732-3386.

  • Hand fans
  • Mints (mint tins)
  • Stress balls
  • Candy hearts
  • Heart-shaped chocolates
  • Tote bag
  • Key chain
  • Chip clip
  • Pens
  • Coasters
  • Ornaments
  • Playing cards
  • Lollipops
  • Emory boards
  • Tape measure
  • Pedometer
  • Sticky notes

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show Starts today!

It's something all of us tech geeks look forward to either attending or reading about all year. The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off today in Las Vegas showcasing some of the biggest (or smallest) trends on the horizon in the world of technology.

Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Toshiba are just a few of the big names that make appearances during this 4-day expo. Yesterday, during the pre-show Justin Timberlake showed up to present a project he is collaborating  on with the folks at MySpace.

It's a good idea to tune into this conference to learn about what competitive technology is to be expected in the coming year. The new developments can help to lower prices of many existing products.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for this week at CES:

  • Small, thin and portable: Thinner is better according to the technology wizards. Netbooks, tablets and laptops are all getting smaller and thinner as technology becomes more and more mobile. 
  • Large and in 3-D: Television makers are breaking out the big guns and introducing improved 3-D television technology with more concentrated pixels. There is also an 84-inch TV that will be making it's debut (the largest television to date) 
  • Organic TV?-It's true. Television makers are expected to start using OLED technology which uses an organic light-emitting diode to help conserve energy and the environment. 
It's also too early to tell what other hidden gems are expected to make their debut; but it's certain that cell phones and mobile phone companies will have some new products to unveil. 

4AllPromos is always keeping track on the latest and greatest technologies making waves so that we can complement the products with appropriate promotional products. We carry our own technological products including alarm clocks, pedometers and Mp3 players. We also have many carrying cases and laptop bags and backpacks that include holes for cords and headphones. 

If you are in the technology biz or want to show your customer's how cutting edge your company can be check out for a large assortment of technology and tech related accessories. 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Practical products from Prime Line

There are more than 15,000 products on and it's hard for customer's and even us to keep  up with all of them. We like to use social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to highlight some of the new and exciting products we acquire throughout the year.

Prime Line, one of our vendors, just down the highway from us in Bridgeport, Connecticut always has new, fun, and cutting edge promotional products. Here are a few new products from Prime Line just added to

Fold 'Em Up Stadium Cushion: SKU 427-LT-3361
This travel seat cushion is great for any arena sporting event including football, basketball or even baseball. Those hard, plastic or aluminum seats can be tough to sit on for hours at a time. Imprint one panel or all four. The cushions are easy to carry because they are light, fold up and have a small wristband.

San Tropez Beach Mat: SKU 427-LT-3423
Yes, it's winter but it's never too early to start thinking warm thoughts. Plan your summer promotions now with these vibrant and easy-to-transport beach mat's. Not only are these mats great for the beach, they can also be used in the park for a picnic or for sunbathing in your backyard. They even come with a small inflatable pillow that can help support your head while you catch up with trashy gossips magazines or a good book. The mat folds up just like a bag for easy storage.

Original NoteNest: SKU 427-PL-0181
Aren't these cute? These small picture holders won't take up as much room on your desk as a clunky picture frame. You can also switch out pictures much easier with the simple clip.

Magic Answer Ball: SKU 427-PL-4575
Sure typical promotional products like pens, tote bags, apparel and coffee mugs are useful but are they fun? The Magic Answer Ball is a creative product to give customers. It will help make the monotonous office atmosphere more lively. Customize the answers to help engage customers.

There you have it. 2012 is all about color, functionality and fun. Let 4AllPromos and Prime Line help you advertise your business, non-profit, school or event with fun, creative, quality promotional products!