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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emerald Emerges as the 'It' Color for 2013

Drumroll please....and the winner of the 'It' color for 2013 is Emerald green. That's right the bold, jewel color is the it color for fashion, beauty and design. It's time to start planning your next outfit or event around this bold color.

Each year the color experts at Pantone enlist the help of style experts, fashion critics and the world around us to draw inspiration for the biggest color. Last year's big color was 'Tangerine Tango' a muted but bold orange color that could be found everywhere from the mall to the runway.

Green can be representative of so many things. According to psychology experts green has a very soothing quality as it represents nature and growth, it can also evoke feelings of jealousy (hence green with envy) and be associated with money for obviously reasons. In recent years the 'Go Green' campaign has heightened consumers awareness of preservation and and conservation and thus many products and initiatives claim to be 'green'.

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