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Monday, November 05, 2012

Help with Hurricane Relief

Hard to believe just a week ago the East Coast was being ransacked by Hurricane Sandy. Many homeowners only got power back early this weekend and many people in the New York and New Jersey area are still waiting for not only electricity but to be let back into their homes and neighborhoods.

Now is the time for businesses and communities to rally together and help our friends, families and neighbors in need. 4AllPromos has hundreds of products that can help communities raise money to rebuild and move on from this destructive storm. Many organization such as the Red Cross will be doing their part to help hurricane victims get what they need in the next several weeks; but many victims must rebuild their lives and homes.

T-shirts, blankets, sport bottles, towels, flashlights and other survival tools make great fundraising items. Help remind people of the items they need to weather a storm while also helping those in need.

Visit today and start planning ways to help your community rebuild after Sandy.

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