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Sunday, October 07, 2012

TREND ALERT: Green is getting attention

Nowadays when you hear the word green you don't necessarily think of the color since the sustainability movement has taken off so rapidly in the past five years or so. However, the trend specialists at Counselor Magazine are alerting buyers and consumers to the fact that all shades are green are now the go-to color for promotional products and especially apparel. 

4AllPromos is always trying to stay on top of the most popular trends in order to help our customers stay competitive in their business and on top of their game when it comes to event planning. Most promotional and custom imprinted products from 4AllPromos come in all different colors of the rainbow just in case green doesn't go with your agenda. 

The color green symbolically means prosperity and fertility and green apparel conveys an optimistic message about the economy. Green is a bright, vibrant color which attracts attention but also compliments many atmospheres. What better way to convey stability to your customers than with green, free promotional products and materials. 

Color can be an important decision when creating a marketing strategy. Depending on your client base color can be a delicate subject as the meaning behind colors doesn't always necessarily translate throughout different cultures or demographics. 

Let 4AllPromos product specialists and graphic designers help you design the perfect green product for your customers. 

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