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Monday, October 15, 2012

4 Things You Didn't Know About Promotional Pens

Who doesn't love a good pen. And, who doesn't love a fun fact! The promotional product company is full of fun facts. This month the Advertising Specialty Institute has published an article featuring 4 fun facts about promotional pens.

  • More Democrats own promotional pens than Republicans and Independents?
  • More women than men own promotional pens?
  • More Hispanics than Causians and African Americans own promotional pens?
  • More Australians than Americans, Canadians and Great Britains own promotional pens?
Why do you think these statistics are the way they are? As marketers, we at 4AllPromos, are always looking for statistical data to help us explain the buying patterns and trends of our valued customers.  These types of facts can help us figure out how we can best reach out to companies, schools, non-profits, agencies and regular customers to help them find the custom imprinted item or items that are perfect for their special event, promotion or campaign.

At 4AllPromos we have hundreds of pens perfect for any kind of client. We have stick pens, click pens, writing sets and even pens for under $1.

Let 4AllPromos be your premier place for quality, affordable pens.

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