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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

3 Ways to Promote Awareness with Promotional Products

Trade magazines are a great way to keep up with what's relevant and in demand. The team at 4AllPromos always works to stay on top of the trends and offer our customers and marketers useful information that can be used for their business. Advantages Magazine is a great resource for those in the promotional product business. This month they feature and article on ways to market awareness campaigns. Since October is the largest awareness month all year we think it's important to touch on the 3 most important ways you can promote awareness of these life saving awareness campaigns.

1. Create memorable and valuable exposure: T-shirts are probably the most popular way to grab the attention of an audience. Bright colors and well-designed logos are the best way to attract attention. Give out t-shirts to large crowds or at live televised or press covered events like football games or concerts and voila- there you have an instant 'commercial'.

2. Develop a list of donors. Encouraged people to donate to your foundation, campaign or organization and reward them for doing so with a simple gift such as a bumper sticker. Promotional products such as stickers will travel many miles and be seen by many people.

3. Teach and change behavior- Produce educational products. Promotional pamphlets can help instruct people on how to perform self exams, how to change their unhealthy habits and encourage them to be better people.

Lead by example with promotional products that help create awareness about a cause that is important to you. Customers and clients will respect your dedication and compassion for a cause!

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