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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

4AllPromos walks for MS!

4AllPromos is often looking for ways to reach out to the community and get involved in fundraising efforts. We print thousands of products such as tote bags, water bottles, awareness bracelets and t-shirts for charity walks and events throughout the year. Our ambitious employees created a team for the Multiple Sclerosis Walk in Clinton, Ct on April 22 in honor of one of our favorite employees who struggles with the disease.

It's important not only for individuals but for organizations to get behind causes that are important to them. Businesses have more of an opportunity to support important charity projects through sponsorship, partnership and customer relations. Promotional products, of course, are a great way to rally customers and clients to donate to a cause. Use holidays, milestones or even nice days to help spread cheer and race funds for important local and national causes. Your customer's will appreciate your efforts to help make the world a better place for us all!

Has your business, school or neighborhood participated in local or national fundraising efforts? Tell 4AllPromos how you used our promotional products to help raise money for an important charity, post a picture to our Facebook page and receive 10% of your next order!

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