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Friday, April 13, 2012

Post Office Promotes New Products for Small Businesses

If you're a small business chances are you contact customers with mass mailings several times a year for your biggest events or sales. As we all know postage has gone up significantly in the past several years due to the cost of gas as well as the loss of business in light of the convenience of e-mail.

4AllPromos does a lot of mass mailings. We send out samples, catalogs, customer gifts and friendly reminders about re-orders or new and exciting products or buying opportunities. That's why were exciting to read about some of the new and exciting offerings by the United States Postal Service due to be available in mid-April. The post office knows small businesses are vital to the American economy so they have instituted some more convenient and cost effective ways for businesses to reach out to customers and help give businesses a more competitive edge.

The Every Door Direct Mail program is a web-based service that allows businesses to produce mailings without names or addresses to be delivered in a specific neighborhood. Each piece of mail costs on .15 cents (various sizes included). Just like Facebook or Twitter this method allows businesses to reach a certain zone they want to target. Maybe you run a farmer's market and want to target the customers that can walk to the market.  Maybe you want to reach an older audience living in an active retirement community or parents who live in a certain school zone. This feature allows you to cater to their shopping needs.

The second offering is called Click-N-Shop and includes a downloadable desktop application that helps businesses who produce 10 to 100 items of mail a day. The idea of Click-N-Shop is to help businesses boost efficiency.

Mail marketing is still considered to have a good return on investment. It's wise to keep up with the changing trends and offering by all mail competitors to help keep your business budget on track.

For more information on these new offerings visit the United States Postal Service website.

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