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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day is April 22

We realize we are a little late on this post; nonetheless, we'd like to remind our customer's about the importance of being kind to the world we live in. This Sunday (April 22) is Earth Day. However, everyday can be Earth Day if you take the proper steps to ensuring you as an individual are being kind to Mother Nature.

4AllPromos carries hundreds of earth-friendly and recycled promotional products to help Green, earth-conscious customers advertise their services and remind customers of the importance of helping the planet.    4AllPromos carries everything from tote bags made from recycled materials, BPA free sport bottles, sticky notes made from recycled paper, earth friendly apparel and even green tools and giveaways!

  • Shop local- Try farmers markets, farmstands or plant your own garden and swap your crops with friends!
  • Use reusable bags- Recycled tote bags have many purposes and are great for grocery shopping. Each bag carries twice as much as those thin plastic bags most stores supply.
  • Donate electronics- Find a local program that collects old TV's, iPods or radios. These programs will help dispose of these electronics properly to help avoid environmental contamination. 
  • Carpool, walk or bike to work- Do you live closeby to work? Find other ways to get their like walking or hoping your bike. Start a carpool with local neighbors and take turns shuffling people around. 
  • Adjust the thermostat- Is your home temperature controlled? There are so many websites that can help you find simple tips and tricks to help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer without using too much electricity. 
How many out of those five tips do you actually do? Try to add one more to your list to help make a difference this year! 

Are you doing something fun, different and exciting for Earth Day 2012 in your school, neighborhood or community? Share it with 4AllPromos on our Facebook page and receive 10% off your next order of earth friendly products. 

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