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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A guide to glassware

Promotional and custom imprinted glassware ads a special touch to restaurants and bars. Special glassware can be a special memento or the perfect component for a signature cocktail.

There are so many glasses to choose from how to know which one is the right one? Don't worry, 4AllPromos has you covered. Let go over our glassware guide:

Shot Glass- This kind of glass is designed to hold a small amount of liquor (usually 1.5 ounces). The liquor can either be sipped from this small glass or poured into a larger class with accompanying juices or sodas. This kind of glass is also referred to as a 'jigger' or a tool to measure a standard quality of liquid. Shot glasses make easy and fun souvenirs that are easy to travel back with.

Pub Glass- Also known as a pint glass is designed to hold 16 ounces of beer. This glass (and sometimes plastic) cup is somewhat cone shaped and flares out at the top to improve grip. Pint glasses do come in several different shapes and variations including ones with handles. These make great souvenirs at breweries, sports stadiums and pubs. They can be imprinted with a silkscreen or engraved.

            Cocktail glass- More commonly referred to as a martini glass is a cone
           shaped bowl placed on a stem above a flat base. The stem allows the  
           drinker to  hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink.
           Martinis are often served chilled with some kind of aromatic element. A
           standard cocktail glass holds about 4.5 ounces.

Irish Coffee Glass- This small glasses hold the traditional after dinner cocktail known as Irish Coffee. This warm drink includes coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and is topped with thick cream. Irish Coffee mugs traditionally hold about 10 ounces of liquid and include a handle so one does not burn their hands. Irish Coffee goes along well with dessert!

Hurricane Glass- A hurricane is a very sweet cocktail containing fruit juice, grenadine and rum. It can be served frozen or on the rocks. The drink was coined by a New Orleans tavern owner by the name of Pat O'Brien in the 1940's. Legend has it he needed a way to get rid of the less popular rum being sold to him by some distributors so he poured the cocktail into a large, lampshade looking glasses and gave it away to sailors. The drink has also caught on in many tropical getaways.

Rocks Glass- Also, known as an old fashioned glass, a lowball glass or a rocks glass is used for serving hard alcohol such as whiskey over ice. It usually holds about 12 ounces of liquid.

So there you have it. Those are all the basic kinds of glassware. Keep in mind has lots more where that came in, in various colors and sizes too. To design your glassware call us today at 866-732-3386.

Monday, April 25, 2011

$500 for

Those of you who have 'Liked' us on Facebook or 'Follow' us on Twitter have been berated by messages, pictures and video supporting our 'Lights Out' campaign for Earth Day. We are pleased to inform you that the campaigning is over and 'Lights Out' for Earth Day was a success! As promised 4AllPromos is donating $500 to in honor of all the 'Likes' we received on Facebook.

This is the first year of 'Lights Out' which encouraged our customer's to turn off the lights for 5 minutes on Earth Day, similar to Earth Hour efforts, and bring awareness to the meaning of Earth Day and conservation efforts at your school, business and even home. Customer's could make their pledge by 'Liking' us on Facebook and sharing what they were doing to make the planet more 'Green' this Earth Day.

We also wanted to bring attention to our selection of earth friendly promotional products. Customer's will appreciate your efforts to be a 'green' business and you may even inspire them to do more 'green' things on a daily basis.

It's never a bad idea to run some kind of charity campaign or contest affiliated with your business. Help out in your community, raise awareness to an important business and get others involved! Every little bit helps!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gum can be good

How many times did you mom, grandmother or teacher yell at you for chewing gum? 'It'll get stuck in your hair' or 'It stays in your stomach for up to 8 years,' they would say. Not all of those warnings are true. For good measure there is a time and place for gum; but studies show gum can actually be good for you.

Gum actually:
1. Helps weight management. Chewing gum can actually trick your brain into thinking you are eating and can help curb cravings.

2. Helps relieve stress. Do you twitch when  you are nervous or are you a foot tapper? Chew some gum to take the edge off; but do so with manners. No one likes listening to a chomper.

3. Increases alertness, concentration and focus. Chewing gum helps  you shift your focus to one single task. Some how the gum chewing cuts out other distractions. Ever heard of the saying 'he can't walk and chew gum at the same time!' It's not always good to multi task you know!

4. Mint flavored gum can soothe and anxious stomach. Stay away from sugar free brands as they can irritate a sensitive stomach.

Did you also know that gum, gumballs and mints can be a great promotional products? Hand them out at a seminar or workshop to help participants focus plus everyone will have fresh breathe when it comes time to mingle. Two birds with one stone, or piece of gum, hooray!

To check out 4AllPromos assortment of gum and mints visit the Gourmet Food Gifts Etc. category and/or clal one of our product specialists at 1-866-732-3386 to discuss other fun edible promotional products.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Promotional products on the road

Do you ever sit at a traffic light, a stop sign or in rush hour reading bumper stickers and other decals on the cars around you? Bumper stickers aren't the only way to get to get the attention of prospective customers (although has plenty of bumper sticker options). 4AllPromos carries a variety of car-related products including car magnets, antenna balls, windshield shades and trunk organizers.

On average Americans spend about 18 hours a week in their car. So what better way to attract new customer, clients or fans by creating a car related promotional product?

Here are some ideas for car related promotional products 4AllPromos carries. Don't see what you are looking for? Call one of our product specialists today at 866-732-3386 and they can find it for you!

  • Car magnets- Are you running for political office or do you have a non-profit organization? Car magnets are great advertisements. The best part about car magnets is they come on and off easily so you can put them on any of your cars. 
  • Antenna balls- These cute little additions fit easily on your car or ATVs antenna. They come in all kinds of shapes including coffee cups, golf balls, baseball and even paw prints. Support your local high school sports team with these spirited giveaways.
  • Windshield shades- These are great for car dealerships, valet stations and even trade shows. Park your car in a prime spot and put up your window shades to keep your car cool and advertise your business at the same time. 
  • Trunk organizers come in handy for groceries, outdoor equipment, car supplies and other storage. Give this unique and useful product out at car dealerships, farmer's markets or even car show or boat shows. 
If you are in the car business and are looking for other kinds of car related promotional products including items like ice scrapers, car shaped magnets or even stickie notes

Put your advertising on the go promotional products from 4AllPromos

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wacky products

Want to wow your guests, customer's or event goers? Not sure how to do it? Why not give them a wacky promotional product? Forget your standard tote bag, pen, hat or t-shirt and try a Rubik's cube, helicopter pen or maybe even a dancing robot.

Sometimes, those run of the mill promo products get stuffed in drawers or closets and don't always get the kind of appreciation they deserve. Be the company that wows customer's with unique advertising ideas. Children will be be impressed and entertained by toys and fun gadgets and their parents will be glad they are occupied!

Find our Wacky Ideas section on the website and start researching the best product option for your business or event.

Regular customer's most likely receive our Constant Contact e-mails which feature an additional Wacky Product mailing. Dan Betrand, our high volume sales specialist and wacky product enthusiast carefully selects the most popular and unique products from a series of vendors. Don't see anything you like, give Dan a call at 866-732-3386, ext. 115 and let Dan know what you are looking for and he'll do his best to find it for you to make your event a success!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#Winning promotions

The word 'winning' has a whole new meaning since Charlie Sheen has erupted onto the scene with his media circus. Sheen has turned his ranting and raving into a lucrative business by taking ownership of phrases like 'winning', 'tigerblood', and 'warlocks'. His camp is pumping out t-shirts and other promotional material to hock online at at his nationwide tour.

What do you give your winning fans, clients or customer's? It's always good to reward your new and regular customer's with fun items to remind them their business is appreciated. 

4AllPromos has a plethora of promotional products to give out to your winning customer's and clients. We have everything from chocolate, to trophies, to ribbons and even trophy-shaped stress balls. 

Even if you are 'awarding' your customer's promotional products of all kinds are a great way to show your appreciation for people showing up and being a part of your project, event, or cause. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April showers...bring promotional umbrellas!

Yes, April showers bring May flowers but they also bring out the need for umbrellas. Umbrellas are a useful accessory to have on hand at all times. Many of them are compact and can be easily stored in a your glove compartment or even your purse. They are not only good for the rain; but are useful in the sun at a baseball game or at the beach. Help your customer's fight the elements with one our customizable umbrellas at

For those of you who are history or word nerds the word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow. The word umbrella has many synonyms including parasol (for sun), brolly (British version), sunshade, rainshade, gamp or bumbershoot.

It is believed that the Western World was introduced to the umbrella sometime around the 17th century by the Chinese. During this century and in many cultures before this time umbrellas were a status symbol. The wealthy would travel with a servant holding an umbrellas to help protect their fair skin, which was also a status symbol, signifying they did not have to make a living working outside. Conversely, today a nice tan means people can afford to take time off to lay in the sun and enjoy outdoor activities. Although it is important to note that umbrellas can help protect your skin from sun damage and harmful ultra-violet rays which are linked to skin cancer.

Whether you are fighting the sun or the rain umbrellas are great promotional tools. Umbrellas make regular appearances at golf and tennis games. On a rainy day umbrellas move at rapid speeds throughout city streets and subways. Get your name out there with a moving billboard. Umbrellas are great at tourist destinations, gift shops and convenience stores.

Call us today at 866-732-3386 and help April showers bring more customers!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Backpacks are best

How do you carry your belongings? Do you use a purse, a shoulder bag or maybe a backpack? Backpacks are the most practical way to carry items like books and sports equipment. Backpacks are very versatile bags. They can be colorful, see-through, one shoulder, two shoulder, big or small. Bags are great giveaways at sporting events, expos and vacation destinations. Below you will find an example of the 3 most basic kinds of backpacks. 

1. The drawstring backpack: Comes in all kinds of colors and sizes as well as different materials such as mesh.
2. The traditional backpack: This is a great option for private schools or camps. This traditional backpack has plenty of pockets for easy storage and organization.

3. The one-shoulder backpack. Great for traveling and keeping your itineraries, boarding passes and travel accessories in one spot. The one shoulder allows for easy movement for the active traveler, hiker, biker or climber.

Visit our Bag section to take a look at our variety of bags including tote bags, shoulder bags, lunch bags, duffel bags, paper bags and of course backpacks. Bags make great promotional items at tradeshows, for travel agencies, camps, hotels and resorts and schools.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Promotional products lingo

We all use a different lexicon depending on our profession. We are use lingo, abbreviations and technical terms on a daily basis that may mean nothing to your mom, neighbor or your child. So, in an effort to clarify some of our terminology I want to go over some of the most common terms I hear from our product specialists and customer's at 4AllPromos everyday. 

One color imprint-Usually done using the silkscreen method with only one color of ink. This is considered the most cost effective form of custom imprinting. (see photo for example)

Four color process-a method in which 4 inks (CMYK) are placed in layers of dots that combine to create the illusion of more colors. 

Pantone Matching System-   a proprietary color space used in a variety of industries, primarily printing, though sometimes in the manufacture of colored paint, fabric, and plastics. (

Remeber to visit our Buying Guide to find definitions for some our materials as well as explanations about the sizing of products. 

To be continued.... (Let us know if you have any questions on terminology)