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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Backpacks are best

How do you carry your belongings? Do you use a purse, a shoulder bag or maybe a backpack? Backpacks are the most practical way to carry items like books and sports equipment. Backpacks are very versatile bags. They can be colorful, see-through, one shoulder, two shoulder, big or small. Bags are great giveaways at sporting events, expos and vacation destinations. Below you will find an example of the 3 most basic kinds of backpacks. 

1. The drawstring backpack: Comes in all kinds of colors and sizes as well as different materials such as mesh.
2. The traditional backpack: This is a great option for private schools or camps. This traditional backpack has plenty of pockets for easy storage and organization.

3. The one-shoulder backpack. Great for traveling and keeping your itineraries, boarding passes and travel accessories in one spot. The one shoulder allows for easy movement for the active traveler, hiker, biker or climber.

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